Srugim Season 3, Episode 15: Srugim becomes a (Radio) Star

This is it. The end of an era. As we watched Srugim’s swan song we experienced many emotions. Happiness that it happened. Sadness that it’s over. Shock that Hodaya seems to have done the best of all the characters and anger that no one punched floppy hair stringbean in the face.  Also, what is Maedela? Is it some sort of Charedi gossip rag? Because if so, we need to read it. ASAP.  On to the recap !!

Srugim Season 3 Episode 14: Srugim has a first born masculine child

Well, wow. Shortest Engagement Ever? It seems so. Tehila goes back to Azarya after dumping a weepy Nati, and SRUGIM SPAWN IS BORN while Amir is playing with goats. Of course. But Reut, the only responsible one of the whole show, holds down the fort. Baruch. Hashem. To the penultimate recap!! Continue reading

Srugim Season 3 Episode 13: Srugim Steals A Couch

Just as we were writing this, Israel Breit’s (aka Azarya) new song came on Galaglatz. We write this as Azarya serenades us, but we won’t be fooled! We hate you. Anyway, this week Azarya ditches Hodaya and her Couch, Avri (kind of) returns, Reut continues to be a Good Sister, Tehila spills the beans, and Nati! Our man of the hour! He almost falls, and then proposes!! Clearly Laizy and the Srugim crew are setting us up for some crazy endings. The last two episodes are going to be AWESOME. On to the recap! Continue reading

Srugim Season 3 Episode 12: Srugim has an identity crisis

We are up to the final four, final three after this one. And in a SrugimRecap exclusive, Laizy Shapira has confirmed this will be Srugim’s last season. This episode does a good job of beginning to close some character arcs. Amir realizes he is not a ben Torah but a farmhand, Nati discovers Tehilla is not the holy hippie he thought she was and Reut has to deal with an annoying American Oleh.

Srugim what will we do without you? On to the recap!

Srugim Season 3 Episode 11: Srugim Buys the Farm

Well, this episode gave us the return of Roi! It was sad, it was great, there was some steamy hand holding with Reut. Meanwhile, Hodaya gets busy on the radio with Azarya, and Amir continues to audition for The Men Who Stare at Goats part II. On to the recap! Continue reading

Srugim Season 3 Episode 10: Srugim Gets Drunk

This week, we saw the thankful end of Reut and Azrarya, Nati being more into Reut than Tehila, and some Amir/Goat snuggling. We wish we were that goat. On to the recap!!

Srugim Season 3 Episodes 8 and 9: The Mega Recap

Hello fellow srugim goers. We apologize for the delay in recapping, as our personal lives became a bit crazy over the past few weeks. But we are back! Deadline has passed for Sarah, Shayna has partied with the Jewish academics, and all is slightly back to normal. So, we decided to do a MEGARECAP with episodes 8 and 9 combined, so we can get right to work on episode 10!