Season 2, Episode 1

Srugim first came into our lives the summer of 2008. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet we quickly managed to watch every episode of the first season and spread it to all of our friends. Its popularity grew, here and in Israel. We waited the longest year and a half of our lives, and its BACK!

We fell in love with the stories and characters, spending hours analyzing their motives and wishing they were our friends. Sarah prides on being one of the first people to discover the show (this also happened with Harry Potter), Shayna loved it so much she wrote an academic paper on the series pretending it was relevant because she is a PhD student in Israel Studies and even met Laizy, the show’s creator in the process. He asked: aren’t there more important things to write papers about? No, Laizy. There aren’t. This is the most important shows of our time.

So in the vein of one of the other greatest shows of our time (our secular love Gossip Girl) We present the Srugim Recap. We apologize for not doing this for season one. We may backtrack, and may accept guest recaps. Comments are welcome and encouraged and if we like your comments they may be featured in future posts and if we really like you you may be invited to sit on our recap committee.

SPOLER ALERT (in case you don’t understand what recaps are.)

Season one left us with some huge cliff hangers. Reut is in India after dumping Yohai, who Shayna totes thought was cute in that nebby sort of way. Hodaya has decided to become secular (but Avri is out of the picture– sigh). Nati breaks up with beautiful but deadly Nitzan and realizes that he has been in love with Yifat all along. Unfortunately Amir beat him to the chase and has started dating Yifat. But Yifat is upset because Amir has been sleeping with his ex-wife until just before they started dating. Season two opens with Nati and Amir on a hike and Hodaya and Yifat at the kotel. We discover that Yifat has chosen Amir. Nati’s mother is dying. Reut has vanished and Hodaya cements her identity as a secular Jewess by immediately sleeping with her coworker (who turns out to be a fellow DatLash). Yifat is a chupat Nidah–sucks.

Realer than two overgrown men sing Bnei Akiva songs on a hike

–creepy Na-na-nachman guy spying on you when you are naked.

We have all have seen them dancing in the streets of Jerusalem. Na-Na-nachman guys just love Judaism and Hashem. Amir goes under to dunk in the the spring “Nachman” is here peering homo-erotically over at him. This totally would happen. Even though this is a deserted hiking path. We hiked in Israel– you always run into the weirdo + 15 Extra Points: +15 for Amir giving him a Bracha +15 for Nachman being single + 35 for the shirtless shot of Amir (good job working out on the off season)

–Hodaya totally thinks she is breaking out of her mold by flirting with the bartender, turns out he is also a Datlash. Takes one to know one. This isn’t surprising, if you go the the Upper West Side you see all the formerly religious Jews hanging out together. +10 Bonus: He asks if she is going to move to Tel Aviv. Why? In Jerusalem you are Datlash but in Tel Aviv you can be chiloni. +5 While it was little bit awkward the way Hodaya invited DatLash over for sex, it was unsurprising how readily he accepted +5

Also, a comment. We would totally be secular for Avri but wouldn’t even eat dairy out for the sketchy bartender. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, Hodaya.

— Mitah Yehudit. Hodaya takes great pleasure in gently mocking the two beds pushed together for Yifat and Amir. In one of the best insults we have heard, Yifat snaps “I bet there is no space in your bed.” This may be the new “Your sweet potatoes are bland”. + 20

–Glad to see that the same frummie music is played in Israel and America at Ortho weddings. +5.

— Nati’s mother death. Major points. We both agree this was really well done and sets the stage for Nati’s much needed redemption a la Chuck Bass’s father’s death. In general, the contrast in this episodes between life and death, sex and restraint make it one of the best episodes of the series. Shayna cried a lot. Sarah never cries but recognizes the poignancy. + 100, and for the fact that this show is back in our lives, just when GG is on break until March.

–Yifat freaking out at Hodaya’s kind of slutty dress. She would totes be a Bridezilla. +5

-Nati’s little brother: total hottie!!!! And if the credits are true, will be a new guest at the Shabbat table. Score! + 10.

Faker than not being on birth control before your wedding

-Look. We all know the Haredi ladies at the kotel are annoying but you can wear pants there. If not, how would all the Birthright trips visit the Kotel? But Shayna insists that there is a possibly that a women could go rogue but Sarah counters Hodaya would have beaten her up.

-Yifat and Amir getting married. So there is a machloket in the camp. Shayna thinks that it is possible although was confused by the lack of backstory. She also has personal reason why Nati should never win. Sarah thinks Yifat is whiny and doesn’t understand why she ends up with Hottie McHoterson Amir who clearly belongs with Reut (like when he fixed her bed, you know that that means). But actually upon further reflection life isn’t fair.

Wait. How did this even happen? Last season left off with Yifat majorly pissed that Amir was getting it on with his ex-wife and was forced to get another get. How did that turn into a marriage? Wash because we think the back story will come out in the upcoming episodes.

-Reut. We miss you but no one else seems to mind. Your 2 best friends get married and no one even mentions your absence. Burn. -15

–Which leads us into our next point. We understand this is Amir’s second wedding and weddings are pretty casual in Israel but there is no way no family on either side is involved in the nuptials. Hodaya seemed to have planned the whole thing, with her only expertise being that useless degree in Bible she has. Seriously WTF with the cucumbers? This is her wedding day, not a 14 year old’s prom. -50.

-Nati– You were a hottie last season. Are you so sad about Yifat you went to shit? Oops. Your mom died. Now we feel bad. No points.

-Ok, let’s discuss this whole chupat nidah fiasco. Yifat is way too anal for this to have ever happened. She would be all over that BC. However they way they handled it was totally believable and is a good example of Laizy Shapira creating “normal” religious characters who are trying to find their own way. Also the awkward photos following the chuppah are the cutest things ever. We also like the walk they took at the end but we wanted something steamy. — Wash

Ok. We’re way too lazy to add points, but it seemed like this episode was real and awesome! There are a lot of plot holes that need to be filled, but we have faith in Hashem and Laizy that all will be explained. To fill your Srugim fix until episode 2, we suggests that you became Facebook friends with all the characters who post like 50 times a day. (Why is this not our job?) You could even respond to their posts, but then we’d think you were creepy.

What did you guys think of the new episode? Leave your comments.


16 responses to “Season 2, Episode 1

  1. Hey- love the blog!
    I think that Hodaya has been the halachik authority on the show since season one, being a bat rav and all that. She can’t really escape it before the wedding, either- when she learns that Yifat is a nidda.

  2. Awesome recap! Guess who’s not sleeping tonight b/c she watched srugim instead of working on her paper? My fav line:
    We would totally be secular for Avri but wouldn’t even eat dairy out for the sketchy bartender. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, Hodaya.

    Oh, I am so with you on that one. I can’t believe she took that schmo home!

  3. Hey – so I followed your link for episode 2 (thanks again for posting it) and stumbled on your blog! Super cute and funny, looking forward to your next entry.

    However, I must protest the whole anti-bartender sentiment! I like him. AND – he looks a lot like my boyfriend, who is a dati musician.

  4. Great recap!!
    I just can’t get over what a lukewarm beginning it was for Yifat and Amir. And how can you marry off two important characters on the first episode of the second season of a show about singles?!
    Although if something does happen to them it will be so sad…

    • Right. I think Laizy took a real risk here– taking two characters off the market. But I think watching their first year of marriage will be very interesting.

      • Based on the Srugim blog by writer Ilan Eshkoli, the original plan was to have Yifat and Amir break up, Amir date seriously another charachter and then Yifat to regret her missed opporutnity, with Amir and Yifat getting married mid-season.

        That plan was scrapped in favor of a wedding right at the beginning, with Amir’s intended girlfriend being shifted to Nati.

        This season is going to focus on more serious and steady relationships, as opposed to serial dating.

  5. There are valid reasons for Yifat not being on BC before the wedding. For example, if she has a clotting disorder with too many platelets, bc pills puts her at increased risk of stroke. And sometimes even on the pill there can be break through bleeding. Maybe she forgot to take one in her anxiety leading up to the wedding.
    The shiva episode missed a golden opportunity of showing how cathartic the whole process can be.It doesn’t have to be awkward. Why didn’t any of the friends ask about Nati’s mom’s life?
    Where were pictures of her and the family?
    This would have been a great segue into learning why Nati is so screwed up. What a sleaze ball to steal his brother’s touching story of the Mom’s last moments.
    Give Yifat and Amir a break. They know they compromised on halachah and are now suffering the consequences. This was not the best way for them to start off.

  6. the backstory for amir is hinted to when nati points out that its only bec nati encouraged amir to call her and work things out did they end up getting back together

    also, what? no comment on hodaya falling through the crack in the bed? i thought that was hilarious!

    your comments were awesome!!! totally on target and exactly what i was thinking!

  7. Part of being married is checking with your wife , so that she is not embarassed by your appearance in public. Especially so early in the marriage, Amir should have
    respected Yifat’s antipathy to the hat.
    His insistance on wearing it is his Sepharadi male chauvanism rearing its head(Literally). I’ll show you who”s boss around here. I think Yifat’s comeback was
    very well done. No raising of voices.But she gets her point across.
    Hodaya should have realized that her dati friends wouldn’t drink wine that had traveled in a taxi on shabbat. She was doing it “davka”. She is testing her friends and herself. If I really annoy them maybe they’ll discard me, then I won’t have to choose between hamging out with dati friends or chiloni ones.

  8. Hi!! I am thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog after desperately searching for English-subtitled-footage of Srugim after hearing friends obsess over it and deciding I NEED to start watching. Long story short, I haven’t found such footage (/too lazy to look further) .. sooo any suggestions as to where to find it?

    • season one is currently available on DVD with english subtitles (try steimatsky usa), and season two is on its way. happy viewing!

  9. Where can I read Shayna’s paper?

  10. Hello. I absolutely love your blog, and love the series, needless ro write. I have one questions to which I CANNOT for the life of me find the answer! What is the name of the song that they play at the end of Series One, Episode One? It begins at 25:40 and is a piano-driven ballad. It plays in the background while everyone is getting ready to go to sleep on Shabbat. Every time I have searched for it on YouTube, all I can find is the Srugim theme song. It doesn’t help that I don’t speak or read Hebrew at all. The chorus is something about “Yom Shabbat”. Thank you in advance!

    • The song is called Dror Yikra, which is a traditional song people sing on Shabbat. Yonatan Razel composed a beautiful new tune for it.


      -Shayna of the Srugettes

  11. Thank you very much Shayna! I never expected to hear back from you, and especially not this quickly! Please forgive the two typos in my original comment: I was typing too quickly for my own good! As I love Srugim, could you please recommend any other Israeli series that I would enjoy? I hate to admit it, but Srugim was downright depressing sometimes! Perhaps something a bit more lighthearted?

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