Srugim in the news!

While we all wait with bated breath until episode three (and watch Amir and Yifat have a fight on cute..), Srugim has been in the news, and so have your two blog editors.

Firstly, the wonderful Sarah wrote a blog post about the women of Srugim for the Forward. You can see it here.

Secondly, I was quoted by a Jewish Week article about everyone’s favorite show, and particularly how Americans are getting into it. Also, if you really love me, you can see me speak about Srugim at the upcoming JOFA conference in March 14 (a Sunday)  in NYC. They are also screening the first episode of the show Saturday night before the conference, but all you readers are way past that unless you want a little trip down nostalgia lane, before the drama began  and Hodaya was still frum.

Keep those comments coming! Srugim forever!



2 responses to “Srugim in the news!

  1. Go Shayna! I wish I could come back for the JOFA conference. I’m sure it will be fascinating. Will it be online?

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