Season 2, Episode 4

Wow, that episode wasn’t so depressing. Yay!  Roi and Reut continue their love affair in the trash of Jerusalem (suck it little sister–Reut is a HOTTAY), Nati gets dumped by a crazy frummy settler after one date in the Botanical Gardens (so pretty! We love that place) and starts to re-examine Judaism, Hodaya continues to hang with the sketchy bartender and Yifat has a pregnant scare–too bad it was just some bad Thai food! Hehe.

Realer then a Gabbai trying to set you up when you are saying Kaddish

-Nati’s beard. Of course Nati thinks he is rocking the beard. Guys love beards but they rarely look good in them. They think it makes them look manly and powerful. In reality, they look like the uni-bomber. (see the cast of Mad Men). Thankfully he finally dumped it. +15

-Amir’s apron when cooking. Clearly Amir is still pissed about giving up his hat in the last episode because that apron is just out of the bag earmarked by Yifat for the trash.  +10

-Food poisoning from the Thai food? We think that’s a symbol of the poisonous effect of past loves, or just how Amir sucks at life. UH OH. +10.

-We are loving Roi. The scene when he is shaving, he fact that he is a lawyer, his love of volunteerism. But we are a little nervous this is all too good to be true and are nervously waiting for other shoe to drop. No one is that perfect. We are waiting to find out his secret. (One of our commentators DSM III suggested he may be gay a few weeks ago. A definite possibility but waiting for more.) + only 30 because we think there is something going on behind those perfect eyebrows.

-That 18 year old settler girl was true to form. 18 year olds are super self righteous and nauseatingly pious when they are at Midrasha, ask Sarah, she was one of them. Wanting someone who learns. What does that even mean? BUT we thought this was going to be the manic pixie girl who would save Nati — but in frummie format. Alas it was not to be.  We like the line about how Nati and Kriat Shema, the two would never mix. +25

-Pixie wants to live in a settlement and help poor people! Of course she does. + 10.

– Points to Reut on the man stalking. We’ve all been there, as well as the depression of thinking he has a girlfriend and the elation of knowing you were wrong. +10

-Some crazy Israeli guy so would exclaim he is a millionaire and dump food on you. Ahh, tzedek. So rewarding. +10

The most important truth of all in this episode– pregnant women are smug. From Amir’s ex-Naamah to Reut’s younger sister to Yifat when she thought she was knocked up, pregnant women glow with the aura of ill deserved self satisfaction. +100

Speaking of which, damm Naama got knocked up fast! Nice pregnant waddle at the end of that shot. +5

Watch this video for more

Faker than a guy who has been dating for twelve years in Jerusalem never having gone to the Botanical Gardens

-Reut runs like Phoebe in Friends. Reut is awesome and wouldn’t run like a chicken escaping the hen house, she just wouldn’t. -5

-We hate when shows have characters run into each other for plot contrivance. For Amir to run into Naamah on the streets of Jerusalem is not that unusual but it still felt forced.We kind of believe Naamah would go to Thailand on her honeymoon though she was always a little hipper to Amir’s straight-laced nature. -10

-Fake Hodaya and Datlash BF drama. To show that Hodaya and DatLash were still shmooshing (Jersey Shore name check– awesome) we have Hodaya asking about a pregnancy test birth control and them painting walls together. It was boring and hopefully there will be some good stuff next week.  However, we would not put it past a sketchy bartender to arrange his conquests by the Hebrew alphabet. Hodaya, you did the right thing by tossing Vered’s number–He so was not lying. -25

-Amir did a total cock block with trying to stop Nati from getting set up with the 18 year-old. You’re married Amir: get over it, stop ruining the hook up chances of your friends. Also, you assume Nati would object. Do you know your best friend at all? He’d be all over that. -20

-There is no way an Israeli pharmacist would have not been judgmental and either yelled at Hodaya or Yifat for being annoying. -10

-Nati is trying to re-frum! While we admit the chevrusa scene was cute and we even giggle at his bracha saying ways, there is no way his newfound religiosity will last. He is way too bitter, and the frummie just dumped him. He will again be bitter and not so frum soon, but he will for sure retain his judginess (see hodaya and the wine, the Teudah episode) -15

So honestly, this episode was fun but not much happened. It was good but not great. We feel like it is setting up for some big stuff in weeks to come, and we wait with bated breath. In others news, Nati (Ohad Knoller) is in Arab Labor for one episode! (Arab Labor is a most excellent TV show about Israeli Arabs that ran for one season in 2005.)  We are not sure if this is actually important or only confirms our suspicions that Israel has five actors.

Also, if you are not lucky enough to live in Washington Heights, you may have wondered: ” Hey, what’s dating life like there? Is it just like Srugim? Well, no. No one is as hot as Amir. But you can learn more about our own American Bitza here. However, the article does overstate how frum it all is. Please, like most people are really shomer negiah and “all men go to synagogue three times a week.” Keep dreaming.

Leave your comments! We love them. Also, if you look at FB RIGHT NOW Amir and Nati are having a man date at Waffle Bar! We love that place! Shayna lived by it her junior year and ate there all the time. The waffles there are magical.


13 responses to “Season 2, Episode 4

  1. Is there a new season of Arab Labor coming, or are you referring about the first season?

  2. Great recap as always – I enjoy your recaps as much as the show.

    One minor point – wasn’t Hodaya buying birth control pills and Yifat asking about the pregnancy test?

    • duly noted! thanks for your precision.

    • More than that; for those of us whose Hebrew is a work in progress, it’s critical if the only source of the show you can find online lacks subtitles. I’m finding I’m reading your site to see what I’m missing the first time through.

  3. I was thinking about that same pregnancy video when I watched the show!

    I thought the girl from alon shvut was amazing – reminds me of where I was before I became as religious as Reut, (or is it Hodaya?)

    Meanwhile, what the heck was she wearing? Now I’m not one to pick on clothing styles, but seriously alon shvut girl’s outfit was horrendous!

    Here’s my question, did Reut completely make up the stuff about volunteering? Did she just get food and bring it to random ppl’s homes? In any case, nice effort.
    I thought in general this show was a good presentation of how people become “better” for a guy/girl. Both Nati and Reut (and Roi for that matter) end up doing more “good” things in order to impress. (As the song goes, “Call it hell, call it heaven, it’s a probable 12 to 7, that the guy’s only doin’ it for some doll!”)

    Gotta admit, I kinda liked the beard – guys, don’t fear, some girls like it…

    Also liking that Roi
    1. is a lawyer! (does this indicate he doesn’t have to compete with Reut like the jerk from the beginning of the first season)
    2. knows how to ride a motorcycle (as opposed to some frummies you might remember) and
    3. figured out that Reut was asking him out and turned it around to take her out – good for you, Roi!

    Now Hodaya, you cannot know if someone has an STD based on how long he’s been a datlash or how many girls he’s slept with.

    Amir, let Yifat do the cooking. Yifat, don’t go telling Hodaya you might be pregnant before you tell your husband.

    So to sum up:

    Hodaya – looks like an idiot (turning datlash shouldn’t necessarily have that effect. now if you had stayed with the professor…)

    sketchy bar guy – at least we know you have a little sense of humor

    Amir – nice job channeling your jealousy via Thai cooking and the supportive “we’ll try again” on the baby front

    Yifat – poor girl, but i’m sure you’ll be ok. after all, you’re married so you’re happy, right? right?

    Reut’s sister – you can get close to old people even if you’re pregnant. and volunteering 1 hr a week does not make you “busy,” it just makes you annoying

    Reut and Roi – looking forward!

  4. one more minor point – Nati has a car, why didn’t he pick her up in the gush?

    • l-squared, your comments are brilliant! i like your point about becoming “better” for a guy/girl, and how it can blow up or not.

      pixie’s clothes were UGLY, but so classic settler/midrasha wacky hippie tastic. she was cute but not that cute. maybe nati’s just been in a drought.

      keep it coming!

  5. First time commenter, longtime reader.

    I can’t believe that you guys didn’t make a bigger deal out of Nati and Amir’s lack of BASIC talmud skills. Any good seminary girl, let alone person who has seen a gemeara knows that sugya.

    Also #bringbackavri

    • helllo! thanks for your comment!

      amir seeemed to know what was going on, but nati was clueless, even for that basic sugya. very true-his gemara skills sucked because he probably hasn’t picked one up since the day he graduated hesder or mechina or whatever. life is busy when you are an emotionally unavailable doctor.

    • Amir knew what was going on for the first part, but then said he didn’t understand the Gemara’s question.

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