Srugim comes out: Episode 5

Hellllo reader! Well. Wow. You guessed it commenters, Roi is gay and as of yet, Reut is still in the dark. (But Nati knows, just after they decided to officially live together…awkward!) Yifat continues to be annoying and goes shadchanit crazy trying to set up the entire world, Hodaya plays a HILARS trick on some dumb actress who thinks frummies are some wacko tribe to be studied (ok, maybe she’s not so wrong), and Amir breaks the number one rule, which is never tell your wife anyone else is cute, even when its Michal who is pretty hot. Speaking of Michal, Nati dumps her because he’s an idiot, and the drama in Katamon continues……

Realer than the most perfect boy in the whole world being gay

Oh Yifat. You have gone full up crazy in shadchanut, and think everyone is for everyone. Why do married people do this, and why is it so annoying? Are you that desperate for a double date? +10 because while its annoying, it is so so real

Amir, when Yifat tells him Michal is Nati’s type, says: “What type? The type not to marry?” ZING! +10 for Amir showing his snark every once in a while

Dvir! Finally someone on the show is cast who is geeky, not so attractive, a bit too metro, and pretty much like 99% of every religious guy we know. He’s the realest person there yet. + 5 for remembering us what our dating pool is really like. He’s goofy–keep him around. Also +10 for macking on the secretly secular girl.

GRATUITOUS AMIR SHIRTLESS AND IN TOWEL SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus a billion!
But you know what is weird? There are very few women untznius scenes, only men without their shirts. Why couldn’t Yifat be in a tank top in that scene?

Of course Yifat has to set up Michal with Nati, because Michal needs to be put away. And it was really human to see how Yifat covered when Nati confronted her about Michal and Amir, and even better when she totally called that it would have never worked. She seems to know her husband cute. + 10 and we liked the love triangle mess that shows how everyone in the frum world has dated..everyone else.

Nati dumps Michal not because he’s scared of her, but because Amir went out with her and dumped her. Nati in his ego land could not abide by this, becase he is the cool one and Amir is not. This is classic Nati. Also, maybe he dumped her because she looks freakishly like Nitzan. + 5 for keeping Nati consistent

Also, Nati’s dad gets drunk at the Shabbat Table and says awkward things. Like father, like son. +15

Hahaha, us frummies do say brachot way too fast for them to be meaningful. +25

Hodaya explains the handshaking by saying stupid actress girl is from kibbutz hadati and this is believable because everyone knows they are the weirdo liberals of the dati world. +20

Limited sketchy bartender scenes! +100

Also, it was way harsh when Yifat ranted out Hodaya and asked stupid actress if she was chilonit. However, Israelis think it is completely appropriate to ask these kind of questions, no matter what. +5 because one time Shayna’s Israeli professor asked her how long she had been datlashit and wouldn’t believe she was actually religious

Hehehe a Shanti coffeehouse. Israelis would think this is a brilliant idea. +10

Ok. Roi is gay. We knew this was coming, especially in this episode with that mysterious chevrusa of his and how he knew about interior design when apartment hunting with Reut. Although it saddens us because we liked Reut and Roi a lot, we think Roi should be happy because we love him that much. Also, the actor who played Roi (Uri Lahmi) has ALREADY played a gay ortho in the movie V’ahavta which is a short film by Chaim Elboum and was his senior project at Maaleh. You can watch the trailer here (Our sources also tell us Uri is a gay datlash, but we have not been able to confirm.) So basically, this is all very meta and will make for not only great TV but also expose people to an important issue. + a bazillion

Faker than a Datlash continuing to go to Friday night dinner

The whole chilonit actress trying to learn from Hodaya was a little weird. Wouldn’t she try to find someone super relgious and not a Datlashit. Also she was kind of a bitch. But I like how she kept on getting confused with the rules. Because its true they make no sense. Wash because convincing someone it’s assur to flush the toilet is pretty hilarious

There is no way Nati knows any poetry whatsoever, and definitely has no idea who Ibn Gabriol is. -15

Wouldn’t Nati and Roi invite another friend over for Friday night? to deflect the awkwardness off of Reut? Or do guys not think of that? -10

Did we just move past the whole Nati and Hodaya brush up last Friday night? Remember when Hodaya felt really excluded because everyone was mean to her? Why is she coming back for more?-15

We totally thought Roi would come out to Reut first and she would help him come out to alpha male Nati. Nati’s reactions were spot on though. Poor Reut she needs a good bf!!-10 because it’s sad if even your gay boyfriend can’t tell you he’s gay and because Nati  just needs to go a YU panel about homosexuality and learn some sensitivity before he actually has zero friends and used up all the “my mother died” sympathy

Hey Michal, want to not give a reason for guys to dump you on your first date? -5, because we’ve been burned before by spineless ortho men but it’s not a move that will win you any friends unless you want to be an angry old feminist alone in Katamon, no matter how tempting it is

Also, why can’t Reut be successful and a decent cook? -5 because that’s a bit stereotypical, even for us

Ok, there is controversy about this whole “frum girls slouch” talk. Shayna doesn’t think its true, but her male consultants Elie and Dovid think it is. So we need your help oh readers to tell us if this is real of fake? No points until we discover the whole truth.

So Laizy is tackling an cutting edge issue facing the Orthodox community today. Hopefully he will do it with more grace then YU, although expect a few more rabbis to come out against the show. And maybe, just maybe, Avri will come back.

While you wait for next weeks episode, check out these cocktails inspired by Srugim from the folks at Jewschool. Honestly, Ani Akadesh was totally robbed.

# First place: Naughty Nati (Chocolate Martini)
# Second place: Ani Ekadesh (Champagne with blueberry essence)
# Third place: Katamonster (Sam Smith English Ale)
# Honorable mention: No Sex On the Beach

As always, we await your comments!

Srugim Girls


8 responses to “Srugim comes out: Episode 5

  1. As always, kudos to the Srugim girls for a wonderful recap. Laizy should hire you as consultants or writers.

    This was a powerful episode and probably the best of Season 2.

    It will be interesting to see when and how Roi tells Reut and how she will react.

    Any guess on how Roi’s sexual orientation will affect Nati’s dating style? Nati may get serious quickly, not out of love, but only to prove he is not gay. Especially, if the chevra learns about Roi.

    Dvir, on the other hand, was kind of annoying – we don’t need him back.

  2. Nati not being able to date anyone Amir rejected is a perfect display of his narcissism… but I really liked the way he ended up feeling like the injured party when Michal hangs up on him for dumping her and he sarcastically says ‘shabbat shalom’ to his pelephone. Aizoh chutzpanit! It will also be interesting to see which way his initial reaction to Roi will go. He could mellow or become even harsher. Realistically, it’s the latter. Someone with Nati’s personality type could not tolerate sharing his apartment with a gay roommate, who he would see as an unacceptable extension of his own great self. Just the fact that he’s his brother might be enough to send him over the edge.

  3. Hmm. Frum guys definitely slouch. Girls it’s a tossup I think, though.

  4. Thanks for another delightful recap.

    Can we all take a moment to acknowledge the amusing reality that the actors in Srugim are not dati and not so long ago had to be taught how to say brachas convincingly etc etc? Look how far Hodaya has come, now she is teaching another generation of actresses to fake being dati. They deserve points for being meta or surreal or ironic or something.

    Also – slouching is a definite yes for both men and women. Look around, people.

    • excellent point anonymous! that is so meta. laizy should run a boot camp for israeli actress and actors so all those other movies don’t look so fake.

      ok but don’t ALL people slouch? i remain unconvinced.

  5. +800 for waiters taking forever and then collapsing in an explosion of spilled drink as they arrive at your table. This is a clear reference to “Cafe Cafe”, the monstrosity that calls itself a food service establishment. THIS EXACT THING HAPPENED TO ME (I was having lunch with Joe Notebook–Hameivin Yavin). There was a reference where Roi says “they take their time”–which is the slogan of Cafe Cafe. On the waiters’ t-shirts, it says “take your time.” Which just adds to the frustration.

  6. Frum girls totally slouch.

  7. Frum guys slouch terribly. Frum girls less so but yes, as well. And no, not everyone slouches lol.

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