Watch Avri dance with the stars!

Sometimes, Shayna googles Zohar Strauss and magical things happen. MAGICAL. Shabbat shalom and Happy Purim!


3 responses to “Watch Avri dance with the stars!

  1. The clip embedded in this post about Zohar Strauss appearing on the Israeli “Dancing with the Stars” included a clip from a scene with Zohar Strauss and Tali Sharon.

    Could this be a clip from Srugim?

    It the scene he says ” I forgot how beautiful you are,” and she responds
    How could your forget something like that?”

    It was not in episode 6 and I don’t remember the scene from last season.

    Is this a hint that they are getting back together?

  2. good eye–i dont remember it either. i hope this means he’s coming back again!

  3. this has changed my life. thank you.

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