Srugim Episode 8: Yawn…..

In this week’s episode, Hodaya and Assaf almost break up and then don’t, Yifat and Amir have a marital misunderstanding and then make up. Roi is a Gay and Nati is the saddest man of the world. Rinse and Repeat. This has pretty much happened every episode this season. Srugim seems to be in a rut (kind of like Yifat and Amir’s marraige.. budum chang!)

On to the reality index

Realer then your middle aged Dad getting more dates than you

Of course a skeezy Israeli guy on the beach would hit on you by throwing a ball into your bag. Also he was playing matkot.  Israelis love playing that on the beach and noone else knows what it is, only that the Zohan is also a fan +10000

Everyone is wearing crocs in this episode. Everyone. +25

Yifat would so want to spend the money on something practical. But it is hard to imagine Amir being so frivolous. So wash.

+20 for Hodaya going to a juice bar. I always wondered what Israelis did that. And the girl with the tatoo had some BS line about keeping the meaning of the tattoo all to herself. Of course she would say that. In reality, she got it when she was stoned and has no idea what those random chinese characters are.

When you’re “not religious” there are still certain things that you feel strongly about for no apparent reason. For Hodaya it is seafood and Assaf it is tatoos. If they keep that one thing it will prevent them from burning in hell. Good luck! +10

Ahh, akward times with the parents. We’ve all been there, and its always the single ones that get the brunt of it. But Nati’s Dad is so adorable and wise, we would totally hang out with him (Sarah loves old Jewish men!) +40

Now we see why Amir has kept Nati around all these years– he is his sugar daddy +30

Right wing bumper stickers on the car. Of course Amir and Yifat want the “Ha Am im HaGolan.” +10

Oh vacation let down. We’ve all been there–when all you want to do is party and hang out and then you realize everyone else is cooler than you are and you are stuck playing solitaire and having a barbecue with your Dad because your work has consumed your life and you are a tool +15 because we have a case of the schaudenfreude regarding Nati

Faker then ROI AND REUT’S RELATIONSHIP (we are on a roll)

Does no one call each other before they stop by? We heard they have cell phones in Israel. (Cellcom Shalom) -15

Maybe we just think about gays too much because of Roi, but it looks like Avri’s {OOPS we meant Assaf– Freudian slip!) one religious friend would be good friends with Roi’s “married friend”.  no points, Just saying.

The part about keeping your holy books separate was kind of lame. Blech. Honestly, Agatha Christie?  -10 because random Tel Aviv Dati guy is weird ugly and judgy. But mostly ugly, and that upsets us.

OK. Why must every sitcom have episodes where the husband does something dumb and hides it from the wife, who then finds out about it and gets mad. Yes, Yifat would have been an annoying I-told-you-so-er but Amir grow a pair. It was a bumper. And you seem to lie to your wife pretty easily these days. -30

The whole episode was full of misunderstandings but pretty much none of them were a big deal and could have all been solved by a quick conversation. The only non-petty one was the Dad’s secret because telling your sons about replacement Mom is tough, a convo about moving to Tel Aviv is not. Plus, we totally called that Tel Aviv move. – 10

But how did Hodaya and Assaf’s relationship become so serious, so fast? We guess they really are Dati. -12

Hodaya, no one wears that much clothes on the beach in Tel Aviv. Your outfit still SCREAMS dosit.-100

And seriously why are Roi and Nati never at work? They are the only ones on the whole show with real jobs- 25

Roi, you always talk about how great you are but you’d rather hang out with your beard than your dad. Real Low. -50

Where was Reut? The only plot point we care about is her faux relationship with Roi, that he seems to be strangely into. -15

Hodaya, that was the ugliest tatoo we have ever seen. ever. Maybe Asaf isn’t just secretly a dos, maybe he has some good taste under all his sketchiness. -only 10 because formerly religious people are just like baalei tshuva in their annoying zeal that they don’t realize how dumb they can be.

Dad, you think your boys haven’t eaten meat recently? Of course they have–even if its only in deli or hotdog form.  -5 because everyone knows thats all bachelor guys eat is meat even if its in only in the form of takeout and looks like Nati could have used a salad

Ok there is a machloket about the final scene. Shayna thinks it was really cute, but Sarah was nauesaus! Amir walk into the room don’t call on the phone!  What do you guys think? Maybe Shayna is just weepy and needs to get it together.

Honestly that was a bit of a snoozer of an episode. We hope its setting the stage for big drama and bring back Reut! Otherwise we will consign ourselves to watching more clips of Avri from Israeli Dancing with the Stars on Youtube.


7 responses to “Srugim Episode 8: Yawn…..

  1. While it was a boring episode, the recap as usual was excellent.

  2. Agreed, solid recap. But Srugim better get it together or they’re going to lose me. The manufactured drama with Amir and Yifat was just painful to watch. Real people don’t just have a parade of mis-communications then resolutions. Someone restore a plot to this series! (‘tackling’ homosexuality does not exempt you from all other aspects of a good sitcom)

  3. Avi wants to claim that they probably made the episode boring because it was shown on Purim (not Shushan). 1. Things always seem better/funnier when you are drunk, so it was an opportunity to slack off for an episode. 2. For those who were really drunk, the plot didn’t advance so they didn’t miss anything.

  4. I gotta say though – single lazy bum like Nati having a poster of Homer Simpson in his underwear with a beer? That’s definitely gotta be another +50.

    • hahahahaahahahahah. so, so true. also, more points for series continuity because the simpsons poster was definitely in the first episode of the first season when nati and amir were moving in together…

  5. Thanks!! love these recaps- sometimes even more than the show!

  6. why no Roi and Reut at all they have this great theme and then just ignore it! So frustrating. Also Amir and Yifat are never going to survive if they can’t talk to eachother. Isn’t that something that is obvious to anyone who is married?

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