Srugim at the JOFA Conference

To our faithful readers,

Just wanted to remind all you devotees that one of your blog authors (Shayna) will be speaking about Srugim this upcoming Sunday at the JOFA conference.  I will be speaking about gender representations from the first season, showing a few clips, and talking about Reform lesbian tefillin.  My talk is entitled: I’m Not a Feminist, But I Play One on TV: Media & Gender in Srugim.

Early regisration ends today! Click here for more info.

Hope to see some of you there!!


P.S–We are working on the recap for episode nine, but  feel free to leave your comments for some inspiration!

P.P.S Major points to those of you in Srugim Inspired Purim Costumes!! I know of at least one, did anyone see any others?  Do tell in the comments.


6 responses to “Srugim at the JOFA Conference

  1. Will there be video or other recording of your speech? Can you please record it?

    • I am trying to find out if JOFA will do it for me. If someone wants to come and tape it, they are more than welcome.

  2. Good luck Shayna!
    really liked the more nuanced portrayal of Amir and Yifat’s relationship in the last episode.

    • Unfortunately, there was nothing nuanced about Amir’s glee that it wasn’t his problem or his cluelessness of how Yifat might feel about that. She even gave him a chance to redeem himself when she congratulated him on his impressive fertility!

      • Yep – although I’m even more annoyed by Nati than I was before. Just when I thought he’d hit his low as the saddest man in the world, the meeting with aba and his French haverah set a new record for Nati as a total jerk. The transformation of the clown surrounding him in the hospital scenes into a blond ptzatzah with a brain just barely made up for it.

        Looking forward to the recap to see if I’m following along well, and to see how many negative points Nati gets for his behavior. And the obligatory bring back Avri line.

  3. Employee of the prune

    -5 because even in Israeli hospitals, doctors aren’t allowed to wear open toed shoes. It would be minus 10, because naot are the least conductive things ever, but I gave them a plus 5 because Israelis will wear naot whenever possible.
    -5 because Nati wouldn’t wear the girly naot—would he?
    +10 because people who are datlash pretend to be more dati especially around family. Brandeis parents weekend is evidence.
    When did Hodaya become such an five year old? Seriously, she needs to get over herself a lot. Last season, she was a thoughtful, deep and complex character. This season she has jumped into her own ego, and has resulted in only whininess.
    + 20 for the “your turn shopping conversation” between Hodaya and Assaf. Had that roommate. Had that conversation.
    +20 for Yifat for pointing out how Hodaya didn’t ask how she was doing. Yifat, at least last season, was helpful and nice to people, and got trampled on quite a bit. This is the first time that we actually felt bad for yifat this season, who like many other characters, has increased in her annoyingness.

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