Srugim 10: Srugim clowns around

First of we just have to say Srugim deserves an award for titles of episodes alone. Sheva Nekim (7 clean days)–Amazing! So what goes down? Amir and Yifat have the Biggest Fight Yet while we learn that the Lady Clown has a kid. Roi and Reut are the new hot couple of Katamon and the pregnant little Sis continues to annoy everyone–but this time it hits home. To the recap!

Realer than a pregnant woman demanding all the bagelim

– Even when you are married and pregnant, a younger sister always needs to put down the older sister whenever possible. In this case calling her boyfriend gay. Maybe she’s jealous she’s married to a man named Dudi. Heh. +15

– Although we did enjoy her gay-dar pickup. At least someone here pays attention, even if she is judgy as all hell. +100 for someone speaking the truth

-Reut’s pain was very real. It was clear to see how much she is struggling with this– from the freaking out at her sister to freaking out at the waitress. Maybe its a sign to run! Although Roi seems totally prepared to follow this through. Is he getting something on the side? +25 poor Reut…

-Niddah sucks. True story. And of course Yifat picks the strictest interpretation possible. Also, Shayna’s doctor friend said those pills do make you really, really cranky. +100

-Oh La La Sexy SMS. We like. Hope no one in the teacher’s lounge is reading over your back, Amir! +5

-Hodaya is now that annoying Datlash who must criticize Halacha whenever possible. Stop hating on everyone not as open as you. +10

-Especially since your relationship is on the crash and burn expressway. Here’s a hint when you need to beg for sex it’s time to get out of dodge. Do we think Assaf is becoming frum again or just realized that Hodaya is a deadbeat mooch? PS, Assaf go to Tel Aviv and DONT COME BACK. Thanks. +100 because we hope that’s done with and also for character consistency because Hodaya is obsessed with sex as an indicator of relationships (see Avri last season)

Does Nati just drink Cofee all day? +5 because all Israelis just drink coffee all day.  Even when they supposedly have real jobs.

-Oh man, clown girl is totally the manic pixie we predicted would save Nati. Did someone say Blair Waldorf? Although Blair would NEVER be a clown. ever. We’ll still buy it.

– Of course Nati rocks at video games and Amir has no clue how to play. Also, in true Israeli fashion, no one owns video games–they just go to the store to play them and annoy everyone there. +100 because all men regardless of age love video games

-Also, random Dad–wise move. Keep Nati away from your kids. +25

-Nati’s True Bestie? A nine year old. +10 because we thought Nati was maturing for the way he was treating clown-woman, but then we realized that he is just on the level with her 9 year old son.

-Oh, so that’s whats happens to the those people who get married crazy young. There are fates worse than being 30 and single–its called being 30 divorced with a kid whose father is “wandering the world.” +100 because Clown Lady probably has to make herself happy so she won’t go crazy. Wow.

-Little Charedi kid who yells at Amir in the Kelim Mikvah: Dead. ON. Punishment from Heaven, that’s for sure. love it. +  a billion because that’s a good Jewish education–train them to be judgy so that its old hat by their Bar Mitzvah

Faker than a clean-shaven Sephardi rabbi

-Elisheva, WTF was that pink garbage bag you were wearing? -5 only because maybe it was the only thing that fit you after eating every bagel and all the chinese food in Jerusalem

-Well, Hello Roi+Reut (Roy-rut?). It’s been a while since we’ve seen you.  And Roi, while it may be nice that you kiss your fake girlfriend, YOU ARE STILL GAY. That was the weakest most passionless kiss ever.  Our  “very straight male friend” proved that the kiss meant nothing by stating that he would kiss another man like that. You aren’t fooling anyone. Hello, even the waiters at that fancy restaurant know you like men.  Check it before you wreck it FAST. -100

-Eww that weird pregnant yoga classes made us really uncomfortable. Everyone else looked like they were about to get it on, stat. We would have left that place even without a judgy sister. Eww. -10

-Nati, the guy who couldn’t handle dating a girl who dated his friend, will date a girl with a kid? we don’t think so. -only 5 because we hope it works even though we seriously doubt the ability of Nati to be a good father

-Also, Nati has gone from the man who sets Yifat’s heart a flutter to being the ultimate mood killer. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. No points, just saying.

-Minus 30 for the cups that supposedly were gifts to Amir and Yifat.  We know those cups, and they cost 5 shekels in the shuk.  We’ll buy Amir and Yifat a new one. -10

-Also, you can’t talk during tvilah.  So Amir, if you are so frum about nidah and whatever, maybe you should be more careful with your own tvilah.  Hmm… is this some kind of contrast? +10 for literary device especially because one of the glasses breaks and Amir tries to fix it without Yifat noticing.  Chama (guest commenter!!) says -10 because Amir is being a douche bag.  So wash. The dishes. Ha!

-Amir, you will never understand how women work, ever-biologically or emotionally.  Just give up. This is the man who just learned that he has millions of sperm last week. -100 because even the Rav has to tell you to calm down and stop being so damn annoying

-Also, as an anonymous commenter points out:
Wedding night, when assur: Amir’s all in. Random night, when mutar: Amir’s out. At least he’s frum.-10 because Amir has that kind of religiosity that drives us batty

Well, good episode despite that ROI IS STILL GAY and Amir is a jerk. At least we got rid of Assaf!  We know the gayness will explode, but we are wiling to bet that they will let this drag out for longer before the blast, because it would follow the model of last season to wait on the hot button issues until the end of the season. But maybe not! Only time will tell. Also, can you bring back the Frenchie Crazy? She was funny.


8 responses to “Srugim 10: Srugim clowns around

  1. Firstly, I’m pretty sure that was an ashkenazi rabbi
    Secondly, notice the little cup theme in the beginning – Amir and Yifat’s cups with toveling and Nati using the clown’s cup
    and just because it needs to be said – cups in the mikvah, Yifat in the mikvah.
    And Reut knitting a kippa? c’mon, we all know she can’t do that
    Also, everyone refers to things by the Hebrew date all the time – do you know anyone who does that? Nati’s birthday, the tiyul shnati…

    On to more important things – Amir trusting Yifat. That rabbi is right-on. Jewish Marriage 101.
    And I was very impressed that they dealt with halachic infertility on the show. Interesting that Hodaya gets bashed for her comments, given that for the first time this season she’s actually said something meaningful that was intended to help someone. And it seemed like she was saying it from the perspective of what she learned as the rabbi’s daughter, not from what she feels as a datlash. And that was a nice move for the show of having the rav use the same phrase that hodaya does – הלכה מקילה לך It’s an interesting concept in halacha in general, and specifically with hilchot nida, where often being meikil is considered being machmir on shalom bayit – and the show did a nice job of showing how that should (or didn’t) work

    • totally forgot about the kippah scene! hahaha. very funny and very meta.

      very good comments about hodaya. she was trying trying to be helpful and totes got shot down. for the first time, she was being selfless but she’s totally lost her street cred. sad.

    • In my experience, Israeli religious people do use the Hebrew date a lot. Not only that, but I recall a few instances in which I referred to the Gregorian date, and the other person had to mentally figure out when during the (Jewish) year that was.

  2. The Rav’s name is Shneider, and he looks totally Ashkenazi, which is an interesting point- why didn’t Amir go to a Tunesian/Edot Mizrach Rav for something which was so important to him.

    I find it a bit hard to believe that even in the bitza, a newly married woman would be so open with her best friends about her halachic infertility treatment.

  3. L-squared- I know Israelis who refer to everything by the Hebrew date. Those same people love to ask chilonim the date of their Hebrew birthday.

    Amir is SO annoying!!! Anyone else notice that he’s especially weird/annoying when he takes off his glasses? Even in season 1- when he started going out with Yifat he didn’t wear his glasses and he was WEIRD.

  4. Employee of the spastic fish

    Also, it’s just annoying when everyone on the show is so pissy. Yifat–have you been handing out your pills to everyone on the show? The only one who is not pissy is Nati. And maybe Roi. Perhaps their family is non-responsive to the pills. It seems like they aren’t responsive to much else.

  5. Frum Gynecologist

    -200 in my book for being stereotypical with the “halachic infertility” thing. It is a super-easy plot point to fall on and seems to be the popular place to rag on niddah. Is that the only place that gynecology and halacha interact?!

    It is a fav of people who are looking to bash niddah even though it is only a cause of infertility %5 of the time.

    It is plot points like this that have some folks feeling that season 2 is getting a bit anti-dati.

  6. Frum Gynecologist

    Also, Amir is a jerk.

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