What do you think is the best episode of the first season?

Oh, the first season. A time when Nati was slightly less of a jerk and we didn’t even know he had a gay little bro or that its possible for Yifat to be even more cranky.   I am going to show an episode from the first season and lead a discussion for a Limmud Fundraiser and had a question for you blog devotees.   I wanted to poll you, dear readers, for what you think the best episode of the first season is.  Which one best combines humor, emotion, feeling, and showing how quirky our favorite fake people in the whole wide world are?  I was thinking episode nine or ten, which include Hodaya goes to the Mikvah and Reut gets caught double dating, but I am open to ideas. Comment and leave your ideas below!!

Shabbat Shalom from the West Coast (it’s awesome here!),


7 responses to “What do you think is the best episode of the first season?

  1. I’d go with the one where Reut performs her Haftorah for the women, and the language is immensely powerful. It can be interpreted to refer to the nature of the state of Israel as well as relationships in general. Wasn’t that also in episode nine? I also liked the double dating episode because it represents the high point of the Avri/Hodaya relationship with the fresh POV he brings to the Shabbat table (not to mention the fake ‘reality show’ decision Reut makes). Sorry, but Yifat doesn’t do anything for me.

  2. I’d say the one where Hodaya goes to the mikvah.

  3. I don’t recall if the whole episode was great but the scene where Reut poses as Amir’s wife for his school function was hilarious! Especially where they are making up their “back story”

  4. the mikvah episode for sure!

  5. I though the episode where Nati winds up sleeping at Yifat’s Friday night and then bailing on Shabbat lunch (and totally avoiding her to the point where he gets hit by a car running away from a chance encounter with her) was a great episode.

    The best non-dating plot line revolved around Hodaya and here niece – very powerful.

  6. I didn’t find the plotline very believable, but I was completely moved by the “Reut and Amir pretend to be married episode.” Reut’s eagerness to try on a role she wants but hasn’t attained as well as her realization of all the ways people treat married women differently than single women really spoke to me. Contrast that to Amir’s sadness over no longer being married, there was a lot of seriousness behind the comedy.

  7. OK, I’ m a little late here, but the episode where Nati’s rich gingit girlfriend leaves him for good strikes the deepest chord with me. Her line “You don’t know how to live as a couple [zug]” sums up the whole first season, whether that zug is person-to-person or person-to-God.

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