Srugim 11: How about them apples?

It was the best of time, it was the worst of times. It was the best because Srugim is returning to form, giving us heart wrenching stories that ring true but the worst because all the characters seem to be heading down disaster and disappointment highway with no exit in sight. We finally return to the Reut and Roi story and see how Roi is handling his faux relationship– it turns out he turns into a Nati clone. Hodaya is alienated from her family and friends and discovers her BF has committed the ultimate crime. And Nati is getting to be adorable, but we all saw that coming.

BREAKING NEWS: Laizy Shapiro is engaged. Hearts will be broken everywhere, but if anyone deserves love it is the guy who promotes gay men to marry straight women. Mazel tov laizy! No, we don’t know who the girl is. Yes, we wish we did. Yes, we only know because Shayna is FB friends with Laizy. (True Story)

Now back to your regularly scheduled recap

Realer than an eight year old taking the bus by himself in Israel and no one batting an eye

We forgot how hot Dudi was. And how uncomfortable Reut is around him. Elisheva and Dudi are like the vapid couple with the perfect life you hate but secretly want to be.  +15 Because of course you need to bring a guy to visit your new sister’s baby– even a gay one.

Meir’s “fall” was unsurprising, although it is hard to believe this is the first time. The fact that Roi went straight to assuming the web was his down fall was very revealing the “the internet IS for (gay) porn” + 20

Also, it was painful to watch the wife explain how her husband was “away.” So sad. Because its easy to forget how the straight women often get very hurt. See: Brokeback Mountain, Yossi and Jagger.

Who goes around offering apples to everyone you see? Oh wait, your friend’s overly frum mom. Hodaya’s mom was super cute and even if she was totally out of line by dropping in on Yifat, it is what any overly concerned parent would do. +5

(Also, not like Shayna is obsessive or anything, but Hodaya’s mom was the mom in Eicha, Laizy’s short film aka his senior thesis at Maaleh….See here: Yerushalyim, come to the table! Hehehe.)

Yifat was an amazing friend to Hodaya this episode. Defending her to her Mom, dealing with all of Hodaya’s super crazy accusations +30. Because you may be a judgmental biyatch sometimes but you have your friend’s back when it counts.

Assaf avoiding Hodaya instead of just telling her, he wants to be frum again is a typical guy move. Why discuss the problem if you can ignore it? (Do we sound bitter?) +10 especially because Elie called that he would refrum weeks ago

Dafna, thanks for finally explaining to Nati that his behaviors have consequences. Men of the World, listen up +100 because you can’t “try”, you have to do. Even when the lady doesn’t have a kid.

But even Strong Women have their secrets, like eating chocolate bars late at night. +10 because we are especially wondering what Dad did to go to jail because we would cry at night and eat Pesek Zman too

Roi davening on the roof was really beautiful. He’s kinda a tool, but at least he loves Hashem. + 10

It is a known, universal rule that the only real use for hospital gloves is to blow them up and play with them–a game for men of all ages. +15 for showing us yet again that Nati is an overgrown child

Father-son learning nights..oh how the religious world can be utterly insensitive to non-traditional families. So true. + 5

But they do have nice prizes! + only 5 because girls never get to win Mp3 players

Nati thinks he can buy affection. +10 because of course he does

Faker than Dossim in Tel Aviv

Did anyone else want Meir to be better looking? we don’t understand, aren’t all gays Fabulous?

When Hoadya’s mom made a surprise visit Yifat had her hair covered, when Hodaya came over she had it uncovered. That’s a little to calculated, even for Yifat. – 10

Uchh, who davens Kabbalat Shabbat out loud when there are only 2 of you are you are over the age of 15. If you care that much, go to shul -20

Ok, maybe we can buy the fact that the clown’s kid manages to ditch school and get to the hospital without anyone noticing he seems precocious. But would Nati really take him around all day. Doesn’t he need to do surgery at some point? Wouldn’t he wonder where clown mom is the whole day? -10 because if he pulls the same shit he did with the engaged girl, we’ll promise to stop thinking he’s cute

Also, wouldn’t Dafna hide the fact that she goes on dates every five seconds from her kid? -5 because he is freakishly smart

Also, we love Nati being awesome because it is, well, awesome  (ohad knoller we looooove you) but it is hard to believe he would fall in love with this kind so fast. Going to a father-son learning session? Wouldn’t commitment-phobe Nati freak out? -10

It is not surprising Hodaya is a dog walker. It is surprising she has managed to hold down a job for more than a day. – 20

The whole Hodaya walking against the current of the synagogue goers as she makes her way to the Tel Aviv sheirut was a little much. Couldn’t she have just texted Amit that she was coming. Also we know Assaf’s friend is frum, so why wouldn’t she assume that he was doing something Shabbat related at his house. -20

Assaf’s freind is creepy. When he answered the phone to Hodaya and said Assaf was there but couldn’t come to the phone we half expected the camera to pan to Assaf tied up in the kitchen. -20

So Roi is kind of an Asshat, we guess that is not surprising considering he is Nati’t brother but does he at any time consider Reut’s feelings in this episode. It seems like she is doing him the favor by saving him from his gayness he could at least show up with a freaking camera! -40

Reut, your boyfriend likes sleepovers with no touching and minimal snuggling, preceded by davening and crying on the roof. -100 because GET A CLUE

Does no one have a cellphone camera?  -20 because unless they all buy their phones from the used-phone shop on King George (like Sarah did) their cameras were not made in the nineties.

There was no Amir this episode. And we liked it. -100 because when you are celebrating the lack of Amos Tammam something is wrong.

There are 4 more episodes of the season (according to L-squared) and a lot that needs to be accomplished– Yifat and Amir need to get preggers, Roi needs to come out and Hodaya needs to be put on some bipolar meds!

Happy Pesach!
The Srugettes


11 responses to “Srugim 11: How about them apples?

  1. The kid told Nati that his dad is going to make sure that his mom doesn’t marry anyone besides him.
    Is the clown an agunah?
    (I’d bet she is, mostly because this is a “hot topic” that hasn’t been addressed on the show yet)

    Also, those apples are from the moshav, that’s why they’re so special. And that’s why it’s so significant that Hodaya didn’t take them and Yifat did. (and notice how in the end Amir and Yifat are eating them on shabbat)

    Another great episode leaving us feeling alone…

  2. So Roi is kind of an Asshat, we guess that is not surprising considering he is Nati’t brother but does he at any time consider Reut’s feelings in this episode. It seems like she is doing him the favor by saving him from his gayness he could at least show up with a freaking camera! -40

    ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!! I had a lengthy conversation with someone today who is of the very strong opinion that Roi is doing no wrong, Reut can make her own decisions, and Roi is entitled to purse his religion and the values it has imbued within him. While I hear the argument, I am a staunch advocate of: it may be Reut’s choice, but I’d NEVER make it. It just feels WRONG. Who thinks this is totally normal and plausible and who thinks even Reut shouldn’t be this desperate? Please include your gender for the purposes of this survey.

  3. Hands down the best episode of the season, love it. Great plot development, good flow to the episode, full characters.

    Great recap as usual, got an lol from me on the Assaf’s friend comment, so true.

    I think we’re being a little too hard on Roi. The guy is going through some pretty difficult stuff, and it’s not like he’s not trying at all. He has tried to protect Reut numerous times, but she is the one convinced it can work. You’re blaming him for trying when you blame him when he has moments of crisis. Here’s a guy basically taking on a life of celibacy from what he is sexually attracted to, and all we can feel is a little pissy at him for bringing the camera late? Come on, son. Is Reut making the wrong choice? Is the relationship doomed to fail? Probably. But that doesn’t make Roi a bad person.

    • I agree that Reut can make her own choices, although this is clearly a bad one. At the same time Roi has implied that he can overcome his “issues” if he is with Reut and that she has the power to “save” him, which is not true. Both are in horrible situations but I think Roi should be sensitive to how hard this is for Reut (seeing her sister with perfect husband and baby, keeping this enormous secret) as well.

  4. I’m starting to feel that the whole Roi/Reut thing should be logged under “faker than” bc I just see Reut’s behavior here as inconsistent with the rest of her personlity – i don’t believe that she belives she can ‘save’ ie change him.

    Separately – Shayna – I loved the clip of Eicha – where/how can I see the rest of it?

    Oh and one other thing – Hodaya was TOTALLy on target when she said that everyone thinks that her being chiloni is something she’s just going to getover and ultimately she’ll be chozeret b’teshuvah – I though her whole outburst there seemed VERY real – great acting!

    Great recap as always!

    • Sami,

      I ordered Eicha using Interlibrary Loan at NYU–I would check your local library and see if you can get it. It’s in a compilation of Maale films. The movie is a short–only about 20 minutes or so long but it’s really interesting to see how lots of things in Srugim have their beginnings here.

      Here is a link to the compilation:

      As for Hodaya, also totally true. She’s not completely wrong–out of the love and care from her friends I think is the hope she will come back, and seeing how it worked on Assaf is totally even more fodder for her to stay far, far away.

  5. What I want to know is what happened to shomer negiah. No one is anymore! Even Reut! No explanation was given, not even a “it’s to save him from gayness” excuse.

    • If I remember correctly, Reut never was–she was holding her boyfriend’s hand in the very first episode right before she dumped him.

      Yifat I think was the only character who was for a bit, but that didn’t last…..

  6. Looking forward to Ep 12 recap and more after the holiday – chag sameach

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