Srugim Episode 13: Srugim goes to Chul

Srugim is back! Man, that month of our life without Srugim WAS BRUTAL. Wow. Oh Man. With that and the loss of Blair and Chuck, we barely survived.

So what happens in Episode 13? Hodaya dreams a wacky dream, Yifat and Amir mope (but Yifat goes to tel aviv!!), Nati gets famous, and Mazel tov Abba!! Shout out to the email we received with your detailed analysis. You know who you are. On to the recap….

Realer than Tel Aviv being a foreign country to Jerusalemites

Nati is one of Jerusalem’s most eligible bachelors? Real,  because a guy can be a be a dick and unattractive (machloket Shayna thinks Nati is cute) and get a pass if he’s a doctor. +10

Farkash in third place? Because it’s always that guy that gets you. +15

Ha ha we love the idea of all of the women Nati wronged writing nasty internet talkbacks. +15

In fact, the only thing that makes it more real is when Nati makes up nice comments from fake exes (first season flashback–remember how Nati LOVES to play games with people via the computer) and that his friends know right away is that HIS DAD does the exact same thing for him. Like father, like son. +100

Future Nati’s mom is awesome. It’s great that the blonde bombshell who doesn’t know Hebrew is the voice of reason. +10

Nati’s Dad is also amazing. How did he have such asshat kids? We would totally marry him in a second. +5

Cafe bagina!!! Of course Nati would go there. It has super crappy food but the location is hidden so no old dates would find you. +5

Ha ha. Nati’s start-up mincha app is awesome as is the girls blank stare in response +7 (+ another 5 because she looks like she is 12 and that’s how serial daters roll)

Hahaha, Reut has no real moral compass. We knew we liked you for a reason. +10.

Sigalit, not only are you a hottie you tell it like it is. Nati, take note and when you are ready to call her, get with that. STAT. +15

Of course Amir is freaking out because he has to eat a sandwich for lunch. Oh Amos Tamam how low have you fallen?

There is some disagreement in the Srugim camp over Yifat. Shayna is upset over Yifat’s lack of communication, general moodiness and bitchery. Sarah is on team Yifat all the way. Finally she is getting a life, getting out of the apartment, asserting herself. It’s like some amazing Tina Turner movie! + one million!!!

Yifat grappling with her role in her marriage vs. her independent identity is gripping and something that would have been good to depict this whole season instead of just the last 2 episodes. +100

Normally we would put Nati’s jerkiness in the negative category, but there is something schaundefruede esque in watching his downfall.
Hitting on a married woman and then making them get into a fight? Check. Saying Nasty Things about your ex, ruining her career, and then telling her she’s fired before she finds out? Done and Done! We can’t wait to see what jerk move he will pull next. +50

When Roi is looking at Nati’s profile, an internet ad for חברותא pops up–the religous gay support website. No hiding the truth, man. +5

Laizy gives dogs hilarious names. First Ghandi, now Bilha. What’s next–Herzl? + 10

When Nati’s father talks about why he wants to get married, he says he doesn’t want to live in sin anymore. +30 because the loosest morals are held not by swamp-dwellers, but their parents. True Story. Old People are Sketch. See: Sunset Daze.

Faker than that whole weird dream sequence

Really, what the hell was that? We get she’s isolated and lonely, but really?  The only fantasy sequences that are good are in the first three seasons of Scrubs. Fact. Also, what was with the weird symbolism–the white church hat, the Salach Shabbati, and making hamotzi over pineapples and then treating it like a baby? Wackadoodle. -100 but +5 back because we like Hodaya with those glasses.

Ok. In the opening scene when Hodyaya went back to look at the trash, we totally thought she was dumpster-diving for food. -20 because dog walking is still a part time job- even in Israel.

Speaking of which. Why is she with the dog ALL DAY EVERY DAY? It’s dog walking, not dog living. -5

Amir here is a hint: when you are trying to smooth over problems in your marriage, don’t start off the conversation by asking your wife to heat you up food while you shower. It’s called 1 800-flowers or the Isreali equivalent!

Yifat is a total underminer and she is the worst kind because she tells everyone how guilty she feels and then does it anyway. -10

When Hodaya tells Yifat she is too busy to talk, we first thought she was just trying to blow off a boring Yifat convo. But it turns out she was serious. Really Hodaya? How busy are you? Your day consists of following a dog around and putting a piece of paper in a typewriter. -30 But unemployed people do write one page and think they are the next Tolstoy. They usually live in Brooklyn. So wash.

When Roi said he was jealous of his father, we thought the sentence would end with something like because I am gay and you are most def a hetero whom Frenchies love. Time to face reality, and seriously, bring back Roi-Reut. We miss them! -15

Did Nati name check Patch Adams? He would not watch that shmaltz. Sarah hates that movie and she saw it in theaters. -10 only because maybe he saw it on a date with some girl who was hot which maybe would have made it worth it

Not to harp on the whole dog thing. But the dog was totally fine the day before and wouldn’t the owner have called Hodaya not to come and isn’t it illegal to bury a pet in your backyard. Ok this is sending us into a tizzy, we surrender Srugim!

Would Hodaya really return the typewriter like that. Why couldn’t she just throw it away in her own garbage? And the  dog barking in the last second of the episode was a little much. This isn’t a Nicholas Sparks movie Laizy! -70

Only 2 more episodes left. We can’t handle it. We can assume most of the last 2 will deal with Roi/Reut and a be a big old coming out party. But still how can Nati grow up and Hodaya get normal in just 2 more shows!!!! Will Amir and Yifat do anything? Say Anything? Or just mope?

Also what should we recap during the summer break? The first season of Srugim? Or another Israeli TV show? Leave your suggestions in the comment section!


5 responses to “Srugim Episode 13: Srugim goes to Chul

  1. Returning the typewriter is a metaphor for the entire way that Hodaya’s adult life as went in the past two seasons:
    a) Can’t handle compromises as a serious couple? Dump the man whose name I won’t speak for fear of jinxing a return appearance? Check.
    b) Dump her education at Hebrew University?. Check.
    b) Return God? Check.
    c) Get sketchy boyfriend bartender, belittle his pseudo-career move, and push him back on the derech by getting a tattoo? Check.
    d) Quit sketchy bartender job due to stress of demands? Check
    e) Walk out on job interview for position that actually uses her useless Bible degree? Check
    f) Last, but not least, simulate homelessness for a night so she could and return German language book? Check!

    On the bright side, she still looks hot when she’s not dog walking. And I hope she stays hilonit because her issues are about more than religion, and her working them out that way fits where’s she at, being an outsider looking out at the inside POV. Going datlashlash would be too cheesy under the circumstances.

  2. From the Upper West Side Bitzah...

    Many thanks for starting the recap! Here are my thoughts on episode 13…

    Palpable tension – Yifat and Amir can’t talk about this huge painful issue – in a sense, Yifat’s sense of Amir’s disloyalty and lack of commitment to the process. This is contrasted to the couple in the cafe who are fighting about a fraught issue in public – hair covering. Even though they disagree, at least they can yell about what is bothering them and allow the tension to dissipate.

    Yifat’s departure to Tel Aviv – on one hand, this reminds me of her pseudo-escape to Maale Elisha. On the other, as you pointed out, she had morphed into some version of a 1950’s housewife, and this departure both marks her Friedan-esqe feminine mystique emergence and, in a cute way, her answer to the joke that she had told in the bar after episode 12 about the difference between a yerushalmi and a yershulmi leshe’avar – ניסע לתל אביב!

    Interesting – in a way, Yifat has begun to mirror Amir’s tendency to fib – for the first time, she is not completely forthright with him about why she went to Tel Aviv. I hope this is not a set up for their divorce. I don’t understand why they put themselves under so much pressure to reproduce so soon after marrying when they are only 30. Maybe this is partly Amir’s guilt since this is his second marriage and possibly both feel the need to make up for lost time? It would make sense that taking a break to explore other interests could help. In terms of Nitzan, I was kind of upset at her re-emergence in episode 12, because I didn’t want her to interfere with Nati and Dafna, but evidently there were going to be other problems at Hadassa Hospital.

    It was reassuring to see Reut and Roi again, though separately. Is this foreshadowing their eventual separation? Speaking of Reut and Roi, some of their scenes have seemed the most poignant to me, perhaps because it seems (to me) that their relationship has no future yet they make an effort to maintain the relationship. Kudos to Reut for not dropping the subject about Yifat vying for the graphic design position.

    The downers in episode 13 were, of course, Hodaya and Nati. Hodaya is being portrayed as kind of going insane from her self-imposed isolation. There are so many points of overlapping contact in the observant community, and a constant need to reinscribe our positions within it, that perhaps it can seem overwhelming to not have that network. Perhaps she feels betrayed by Assaf’s departure. I loved the soliloquies with Bilhah, but they simply demonstrated how much smaller Hodaya’s world has become, leading to her attempt to segue into fantasies of dislocation. I also loved the return of the typewriter at the end of the episode for mirroring her earlier action with the book that she found on the park bench which she left propped outside the bookstore at the end of an earlier episode. Hodaya is at once so open to the world and what she will find in it and yet feeling so rootless and vulnerable to whatever might be in her path (hence, a typewriter can assume magical powers. As an aside, I love the way that technology use is portrayed in the series – the use of the internet, video, cameras, etc. often as a vehicle for self-documentation).

    In terms of Nati, it seems impossible that he could be so cruel to get rid of Dafna simply to assuage his guilt for breaking up with her. I loved how the family narcissism re-appeared – only number 4? Plus the dad’s defending him in the ratings. (Also, how cute was it that as Roi is looking at Nati’s profile, an internet ad for חברותא pops up). I also loved how Yifat felt upset by hearing praise of Nati – sometimes even being in a loving relationship does not end desire for what could have been. In terms of the random dates themselves, I feel like we’ve all gone on perfunctory dates, but perhaps some of us approach the process with greater humility?

    In terms of Nati’s father, it seems to be a real Hamlet moment. As he said, he was not surprised that his sons weren’t screaming with joy. At the same time, I think Roi’s response that they were simply jealous of their father for finding love twice was emotionally false. They probably see the new relationship as a complete rejection of all that their mother stood for to see him marry her complete opposite.

    Where is the series going? I hope the season will end well for some of them!

  3. Employee of the spastic fish

    First season all the way!

  4. I think Farkash…is supposed to be Ariel Farkash…the cardiologist from Givat Shmuel…everyone knows that guy! I think Nati’s character is evenly loosely based on Dr. Farkash.

  5. I started a Srugim drinking game. You take a shot anytime someone says “Ma pitom” or “stam”, and every time Amir tells a lie. I was wasted in five minutes.

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