Episode 14: Srugim takes a dip

This episode, the penultimate one of the this season, set up all the conflicts for the season finale. (Tragic. We know. But season three is a go! Phew.) Because she sucks at life, Hodaya moves in with Yifat and Amir, who finally have a real fight and not just avoid each other. Nati tries to be nice and also still sucks at life and Roi and Reut seem be O-V-A after a vacation to a spring that curiously looks like the same spring that Amir used to dunk right before his wedding. Not a Good Sign.

On to the recap!
Realer than Roi checking out those hotties at the spring

Omg this episode is called shakshuka! shakshua is the bomb-diggity! +20 just for making us hungry
Nati has finally found his soul mate, and she’s the funniest old lady around. +25 for the best lines of the episode as well as displaying the true fact that old ladies know everything and can smell things like love and lust from a mile away, even when hospitalized

Yifat knows what’s up. “Real” models are so hot right now. +10
Of course the model would be annoying and ask to let her know if she wasn’t being modest. Hello, nothing about modeling is modest. +15 Her name was also insane. Like a crazy acronym, but we can’t remember what. Does anyone else?
When she is working with those kids, you know all Yifat wants is to steal them and get a family of her own. +10 because we’ve been there too
Ever since she started working with Nitzan, Yifat has started to dress way way better. +5
Yifat and Hodaya’s whole relationship is based on them eating ice cream together. +10 for character consistency.
Even when Nati tries to be nice, he screws everything up. +10 because he really can’t do anything right

However, when Reut drops by the bro-date, Nati knows RIGHT away that Roi isn’t even pretending to be hetero for Reut anymore. If there is anything Nati is good at, its sensing when men are done with women and are just waiting to dump them because that’s basically his whole life.
Watch out Dafna, you playing hard to get will only make Dr. Brenner want you more and more. The only thing Nati loves more than women who love him is women who refuse to play his games. (I.e…as soon as Yifat likes Amir, Nati decides he likes Yifat.) + 7
Finally, we get some admission that everyone thinks that Yifat and Amir are a weird couple. Dude, you got problems if the Gays know that. +10
Ooooooooo they slept in the same tent– we call shenanigans!
“Are you guys from Jerusalem?” “Yes.” “Looks like it.” Hahahhaa. Nice. +25
Finally our boring Israeli history readings prove useful. Also, even though it was a bit predictable we loved how Hodaya called Etzel the Jewish Hamas, it was still hilarious and even more hilarious was Amir’s unamused reaction. +25
Finally, Reut gets feisty. She pushes the issue and makes Roi confront the fact that he checked out the hotties at the spring and that he pretty much is exactly like his brother. We can’t wait to see what happens next! +10 although we are noticing a worrying trend in which Reut confronts marriage and then is suddenly single again
Amir’s boss is so fabulously bitchy. She is the Tamar Ross of the Ulpana. We kinda of like her even if she’s clearly a psycho. +50

Faker than Amir refusing sex all the time

Really, Amir? No time for sex now in the morning? Haven’t you ever heard of a quickie? We have. -10
Also, is Hodaya sleeping in the bed with you? I think not. -only 5 because we can see how’d CrazyPants could be a mood killer.
Yifat, you came home late. You can’t be only mad because Amir got hungry and bored. -10 because this is so her and everyone knows shakshuka is the best.Amir and Yifat are the passive-aggressive couple of the year. Let’s break down ways they are mean to each other in this episode. Amir in the morning– your happiness at works come at the cost of other things. He says he means pregnancy but he actually means himself because he is a baby who can’t make his own food. Hodaya Yifat spazzing out about the dish but in reality is pissed about forced pregnancy and Amir’s crappy job. Note: Women say they are ok that men if low-paid high school teachers , but that is a lie. In the end they will just call you Mr. Bitter for having work troubles. -10

Of course Hodaya is a mooch, but Amir you have known that since you met her. Calm the frak down.- 13

And clearly all her belongings would be in one of those ghetto plastic checker bags. -10

Reut, we bet because this is Frenchie’s like 57th wedding that she might have a menorah lamp already. Just saying. -10 because maybe you should have gotten her some ulpan lessons

Also, why is Reut wearing a dress to the spring? This leads us to a larger issue: Why do frummies love going to bodies of water in which they won’t swim? SO awks. -10 But it’s also the scene from the credits so wash.

Roi you are so so lame. Let us count the ways.
  • Dude, way to be awks about family weddings. We know parent weddings suck, but having the lady there is a good distraction even if she’s just your beard. -10
  • Are you afraid you are moving too fast? It’s a fake relationship, any speed past zero is too fast. -8
  • You have all those travel books, and you go to some lame ass spring Amir suggest? Amir is the biggest loser on the show–at least ask Bro the Womanizer for some advice in that department. -15
  • Also, the guys at the spring were cute, but not that cute. (and Bnei Akiva kids!) You gotta learn how to be more subtle when it comes to these things. -20 because we’d really hope those guys would start making out and then it would have gotten really interesting
  • The uncorking the wine bottle between Bnei Akiva’s legs was him uncorking his sexuality. It was hot but so sad for Reut- 50
  • Also, Reut deserves more explanation than: “Ze lo holech”. Really. Suck it up and say something, like you are cute but I AM GAY. -50
Hodaya, part of looking for work means being flexible and not refusing every thing thrown your way. We wouldn’t want to teach at ulpana either, but girl this is life. -only 10 because if she does get a job at Ulpana, that would be hilarious
Haha, it WAS a master’s degree in Bible. This only makes Hodaya suck at life even more. -25
When Amir went to Nati’s apartment and Hodaya came to Yifat’s, there was this weird symmetry in which the first season was semi restored and everyone was right back where they started. Although this was awesome structuring of the episode, -10 if its foreshadowing because we want Yifat to stay with Amir because they are both too annoying for anyone else

So next week is the season finale, be still our broken hearts. Roi needs to come out (We hope Reut outs him in a bout of rage at the wedding), Yifat and Amir need to make up (perhaps there will be a surprise pregnancy, making all their troubles magically disappear), Nati needs to make out with a clown and Hodaya needs some kind of normalcy having been sent through crazytown this season (maybe instead of teaching Tanakh at Ulpana she will find her place teaching post-Zionism at a charedi girls school) . We cannot wait!!

-the Srugettes


7 responses to “Episode 14: Srugim takes a dip

  1. Great recap, so sad that next week it’s over… the name of the model btw, was “kehatia” I actually thought the name was cool, lol! It is a rashei teivot for, “kol haneshama tehalel ya!” 🙂

  2. It would be even more ironic if Hodaya ended up teaching Tanach at the Ulpana. “Hodaya spazzing out about the dish” – typo, it was Yifat
    Laizy was so awesome at the Jewish Center the other night; I was so glad I had an opportunity to meet him. I’m probably getting ahead of myself here, but any idea when Season 3 starts?

    • ooh thanks for catching that. fixed! no clue when season three starts, let’s hope its soon….

      • Maybe it’s just me, but after rewatching this episode as the week was winding up, I can’t help but think that maybe Hodaya and Amir may somehow wind up becoming a couple, sooner rather than later.

        Think about it: Yifat says Amir is “bitter” she’s successful and he’s a teacher, Hodaya has no job and drifts through life (whether or not she’s hilonit), and Amir is a low key guy with a mostly passive personality (not to mention he’s a known quantity that had the Sephardi vibe going at one point). And now they’re thrown together because Hodaya is apparently homeless, and disconnected from her background (echoing Amir’s disconnect from being Sephardi).

        Besides, he would have been through two marriages at the point, and of the five, they would seem to be the two that would be most likely to compromise on the religion issue, mostly through inertia. At least they wouldn’t need “mitah yehudit”:-).

        That would free Yifat, the queen of crank, to go with Nati, the king of not knowing how to be happy, if the plot with the clown doesn’t work out. Or maybe the two most “professionally successful” of the group, Reut and Nati (after she gets over Roi, who I see winding up alone at the end of the day because he’s Nati without the angst). I don’t know. Thoughts – other than the show having to be renamed to “Grushim” (hope I have that right) rather than Srugim?

        I hope they don’t go that way, but the last couple of eps have me wondering, especially given the apparent theme this season of disillusionment.

  3. “She is the Tamar Ross of the Ulpana” = greatest line ever. Amazing.
    Don’t know if it makes it better or worse, but I think the wedding present was a shabbos lamp.

  4. This is hilarious. I have just discovered srugim and this blog is fabulous! So funny!

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