Episode 15: Srugim Dresses Up

Episode 15: Srugim Dresses Up

It was just yesterday when we were scratching our heads and wondering about how did Yifat and Amir get married and rooting for Reut/Roi. Now, we basically we want to cry our life away because the season finale of season two of the Greatest Israeli Show of Our Time left us confused and sad, wondering what would come next. Will Nati ever find love? Will Amir and Yifat stay together? Will Roi be a Gay? Is Hodaya really going to teach in Ulpana and wear skirts all the time? Now that Reut owns an apartment, is she automatic bait for male Gold Diggers? Only time and season three will tell. Laizy, we wait with bated breath. Onto the recap….

Realer than the Pope ruining everyone’s lives

No, really. If the years of anti-Semitism from the Catholic church weren’t bad enough, everyone knows that when the pope came to Jerusalem last summer that life shut down and it was miserable. We knew friends who couldn’t cross their own streets for reasons unknown to everyone but His Holiness and some angry 19 year olds guarding that intersection. Now, add the breakdown of Yifat and Amir’s marriage to the list of grievances, up there with stealing art and the Inquisition. +25

The scene where Hodaya changes out of her profane pants and puts on a holy skirt and in the process catches another student doing the same thing is so amazing because it is so so true. Every female attendee of Jewish schools, or even if you went to an NCSY event, has done the same thing. +10

Of course all of Reut’s male co-workers are D-bags, she works in finance. +5

Reut’s dumpy frum secretary is veering on the caricature– her sad sack face when talking of Reut’s break up, her pilgrimage to Amuka. This would be in the fake category if we didn’t know a dozen people like this. +12 especially because at least Reut has enough sesne not to buy it when Yifat was dumb enough to throw a whole kiddush

Everyone has those super awkward moments when staying friends that you would like to pretend never happened. Like when Shayna saw her friend’s boyfriend naked, or when Amir almost kisses Hodaya. +10 because we really hope they aren’t foreshadowing because this would be like the chuck and jenny of Srugim and we can’t handle that
The entire homosexual tension between Roi and Avshalom is predicated on the fact that Roi has never owned a suit in his entire life +100
Of course Amir cut out the collar of his t-shirt–the one he is sleeping in. It is a mitzvah for Israelis to do this. But only +5  he is wearing a Jerusalem t-shirt and we thought only tourists had those shirts
During Junior year, SHAYNA LIVED ON REHOV ALFASI MUL HAKEVER IN THAT EXACT BUILDING THAT REUT BUYS AN APARTMENT IN!!!!!!!!! Reut, you did right. It’s an amazing street and the Waffle Bar is around the corner. +1 billion which makes up for the fact that the owner of that apartment was the craziest Israeli woman in the history of the Universe
Reut takes cabs everywhere because she is too good for buses. Her..and seminary girls. +10

Hodaya cleaning house was cute, nice, and clearly symbolic. Nice touch and throwback to season one. +20 because maybe she should just clean houses for a

As cracked out as Israel is, you can ask random people for rides and that’s awesome. +10

Yifat is a stress baker. Obviously. +10 because there is clearly some symbolism going on there with the eggs and we haven’t quite figured it out yet but don’t think we’ve forgotten

Crazy guy is back at the mikvah!!! Oh man. Thanks for some much-needed stress relief in such a sad episode. And even though the symmetry of the season, basically ending and beginning at that mikvah was really beautiful, we hate the stupid theodicy that Na Na Nahman was spouting. So only +50 because it was beyond hilarious especially Amir’s reaction

Nothing kills the urge to get married more than listening to your crazy friend’s marital issues. Thanks Hodaya for reminding us of what we all know on the inside. + 25
Avshalom you have nice arms and a nice…bencher. Wow. Thanks for the eye candy, Laizy. +5
Even while her own marriage crumbles, Yifat can still tell off Hodaya. Nice work because finally someone gets through to her. +10
We loooooved the interview scene. Perhaps Hodaya is figuring out her life and how she relates to religion without being an annoying anti everything datlash. Also, she was clearly made for Ulpana because we heard the pleasure in her voice when she yelled at those random girls for running in the hallways. This is going to be awesome even if the principal would never buy it–see below.
Faker than Nitzan’s fabulousness

Amir! Remember when you were happy at the beginning of the season? Remember why? Your magical Sephardi friends who had all of life’s answers. Get thee to a synagogue young man. A place we have not seen you at in a while. The 3 old sephardis would sort everything out and add a whimsical tale in no time flat.

Yifat is shocked that Reut is moving to Rehavia..which is a 10 minute walk away from Emek. -10 because Jews always think things are really far away when they aren’t at all

This whole move to Rechavia is pretty much the same storyline as when she bought the bed in the first season. We get it, she is being empowered but what happens when she breaks up with the next guy. Is she going to buy an island? -30

Why oh Why do Nati and Yifat hang out alone? Also, that whole cake scene was weirdly suggestive, especially when Nati makes Yifat promise that she will leave him some leftovers-10 because..ew. no. because Shayna cannot handle them getting back together because then it would mean she might have to talk to her ex who reminds her of Nati

Ok the father thinking Nati is gay situation brought up much debate among viewers. Is it that if you are single and pushing 40 you must be gay? Or is the father cleverly telling Roi that he would be cool with his gayness? Or is Nati’s burly machismo merely a guise and he is hiding a secret as well? -10 because a father would never say his son might be gay, he would just hint around it, get awkward and then drink.

Nitzan and Nati are giving relationship advice? What has this world come to? -25

Ummmmmm, Yifat would never ignore halacha, no matter how desperate she is–especially yichud. She would make them sleep with all the doors and windows open at least. -10

Of course Nati has some idiotic car that starts with a code. He probably thinks the ladies dig it. -10
“Of course I’m right. I’m always right.” Sure Nati, that’s why everyone hates and you are alone at the end of this episode and LadyClown runs away to Hadera even though you smooched her -50 because check yourself before you wreck yourself

There is no way Ulpana-Tamar-Ross would give Hodaya a job. The headmistress would see right through her angel act and know that in 2 months she will be smoking cigarettes underneath the bleachers with the married Hashkafa teacher. -60

Since when do Israelis need jackets for weddings? -20. Also Roi is a lawyer, can’t he afford this? Also, everyone knows the whole point of parent’s second marriages is to guilt clothes from their parents who must pay for it.

Also, this guy is really hot–a huge step up from Meir, let’s be honest. You should strike while the iron is hot. -100 because…that would have been hot and we know he’s ready to go because as soon as Roi comes in he gets the check. Although our creep-o-meter is up by the way he is saying the bracha acharona– no one gets that into that one, not even 18 year old MMY girls.

Roi, maybe if you were OUT OF THE CLOSET you wouldn’t have to daven all of the time. Just saying. -10

Does no one notice Amir is wearing the same shirt from the day before? -5

Wait, doesn’t he teach high schoolers, why are they getting engaged? That’s really young, even for frummies. -only 5 because there is always one Senior Kallah and this is a good throwback to the first episode of the season when people were dancing and clapping for Amir and Yifat. Also, don’t think we didn’t notice that the girl who got engaged is Tamar Ben Baruch, who is also on the production team of Srugim. Nice.
Well at least for the first time Amir and Yifat are talking about the problems in their relationship. Just not to each other -15.

So where are we now? Roi seems to be stuck in the closet, although he has realized a faux relationship won’t work either. Reut is back where she started– alone but rich. After a talking to by Yifat, Hodaya  is starting to teaching “on her own terms” at an orthodox school aka she will refrum in half a year. Nati is bereft and alone, like in the first half of the season but for the first time he has opened his heart up to someone and teen movies tell us that makes you a better person in the future. It seemed like there was some resolution in the Yifat-Amir tension. Unfortunately each one seemed to reach it on their own and not by communicating with the other at all. Yay marriage. But Amir did smile at the end, so we hope that bodes well for a non-divorce (we still think the relationship will be saved by a pregnancy).

So now it is us who will be alone on Sunday nights, forced to mingle in this cold cruel swamp we have been observing. Be strong dear friends! Rumor has it there will be a season 3, but knowing Israel we may not see it until Amir and Yifat reach middle age. We will be recapping season one starting next week as well as some other Israeli TV shows and movies in the near future. Let us know your thoughts, comments, dreams, hopes for next season. We love you guys.

It has been a pleasure.
The Srugettes
(aka Shayna Weiss and Sarah Breger)

14 responses to “Episode 15: Srugim Dresses Up

  1. Most insurance companies in Israel require an anti-theft device; those with a code are quite prevalent (the car rental companies all use them).

    I hadn’t thought of it before, but I like the idea of the father using his suspicion of Nati being gay as a way to tell Roi that he was okay with it.

    I actually felt bad for Nati for a change. He seemed willing to take a chance, only to have Dafna tell him she had to stop looking for a father for her son. Was she ever attracted to him?

    Good thing Reut bought that apartment. Now Hoadaya can move in to her old apartment.

    I loved Amir asking the Nahman guy if he is always at that spring.

    I found most of the episode depressing because of the Yifat and Amir situation, but was uplifted by the idea at the end that they would be able to save their marriage.

    Looking forward to reading your recaps of Season 1.

  2. Not that I would claim to know, but I would think that refruming is quite difficult for female, as opposed to male, gone datlash. Doing things for form are one thing (wearing a skirt at work and participating in prayers with students), but Hodaya living the life again outside after being blatantly secular because she’s a failure in her work life is another. Maybe she could become kind of like Julia Roberts in that one movie where she played a bohemian 50’s teacher. Besides, wouldn’t 30-something frum men see her as a kind of “damaged goods”, in a way that religious women wouldn’t see similar men as much? Even as a guy, I’m still holding out (faint) hope for the return of he who mustn’t be named. Still.

    Re Nati, I also feel seriously sorry for him – who’d have thought – because he acted like he was ready to show actual emotional maturity by assuming responsibility for a stepson, whereas Geveret Clown is running away from having to make choices.She can take her poofy pants and hang out in Modiin with the other divorcees. Just think – she could have married a doctor!

    Agreed about Reut – she’s basically in the same place she was at when she went to India, but rather than seek escape, she’s seeking material fulfullment. And we need the magical Sephardi gebbai to knock some sense into both Yifat and Amir ASAP, or Laizy can blow it all up and put the pieces back together in Season 3. Hmmm…..I still think there may be a Nati/Reut match at the end of the day. At any rate, Nati’s too full of himself to change teams, IMHO.

  3. Yifat takes a really long time to bake that cake (and talks to everyone besides Amir while she does) – I was expecting a wedding-size cake to turn out from all that, but instead it’s this little thing that you get from Ne’eman when you’re too cheap to buy the big size.

    Anyways ladies – thanks for the recaps this season – They were fantastic!

  4. hooked on srugim

    Thanks for the entertaining and thoughful commentary all season – I found myself waiting for your recap almost as much as the new episodes!

    I also noticed the symmetry between the last episode and first, aside from the mikva: the weddings at start at end, the losses for Nati at start and end, the roles of Nati/Amir and Hodaya/Yifat towards each other, Dad’s concern about Nati (actually – second episode) and Reut’s break/escape…. Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

  5. Did you notice that Avshalom didn’t seem to be wearning a kipa in the clothing store, but he was sooo frum in the coffee shop.
    Also he is about a head shorter than Roi, no way anyone could think his jacket could fit, so real bad obvious pickup.

  6. so i actually double checked that, and you can see his kippa in the clothing store, but the camera really focuses on it in the coffee shop…

  7. Google translation of the following add of one of the sites for downloading Srugim episodes:

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    Google Translation:

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    Enter the site and were impressed: http://www.alizag.com

  8. The scene where Hodaya changes out of her profane pants and puts on a holy skirt and in the process catches another student doing the same thing is so amazing because it is so so true.

    I thought it was the opposite – the student was changing from pants to skirt, while Hodaya was changing from skirt back to pants.

  9. Just finished watching season II from download and loved your recaps. Wanted to say two things:

    1. Don’t let this show put you down on marriage! I have said from the begining, Yifat and Amir did not love each other and he was not prepared for a marriage. Just had to chime in as a 12+ yr married that there is no one I’d rather spent time with, talk to, bake with or dip in the mikvah for than my hubby. Never once wanted to spend a night of “alone time”.

    2. And maybe that’s why, I would LOVE to see her get together with Nati. I know he was horrible to her but yes, he has grown up and they really have chemistry. I hope the finger linking, save me a slice for later predicts some future success for the two of them.

  10. I am an American Srugim fan and I caught up on DVDs (thank G-d for subtitles!). I love the show – love the characters – but found the final episode SOOOO depressing. I guess I don’t understand the way this show somehow went from bad to worse with very little hope in the final episode. I don’t understand why Yifat & Amir were trying so hard for children just three months after marriage. And when it didn’t happen in that period of time, they both became obsessive about it…as you Israeli’s say, “Di!” As for Roi – he is going to have a lot of reconciling to do – it’s not easy being green – or in this case, rainbow. Nati got what was coming to him – rejection – the kind he has inflicted on a zillion or so women. And I loved, absolutely LOVED, the episode where his father slapped him! Kol HaKavod, Abba! You rock, man! Keep the new season coming – and bring Srugim to the states! I’m a Srugim junkie!

  11. Awesome blog!! It’s been a while since I saw this episode, but I have to second the beep-beeping when starting a car. It’s standard Israel practice. Also, what’s the deal with yichud? When didn’t Yifat keep yichud? The laws are a bit different with married folks, you can be together in the same room with a guy when your husband is in town, etc.
    The comment about the super long bracha achrona at the cafe was spot on. I’ve never seen anyone show that much kavana at a coffee shop!
    Anyway, really enjoyed reading this, and I also lived on Alfassi!

  12. Hello all, I am behind the curve with Srugim. Hoping someone can tell me the name of song at end of episode 21 from season 2? My Hebrew reading skills are minimal. I think I read music credits that lists “El Adon” sung by Amos Tamam and produced by Asi Yisraelof. (They did sing in a group together, yes?) Since the other music credit was for theme song, i figured El Adon was playing at end.
    Just did a 3 day Srugim binge on seasons 1 & 2 on my ipad, unfortunately while in the hospital (bone marrow trouble). The nurses became curious when they heard Hebrew and then 3x/day asked for updates while getting my vitals. One nurse always wanted to know about “Hoya” 😉 and if she dumped the bartender yet. LOL Really cute! I think…

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