spotted: srugim!!!

Hey Faithful Readers,

I hope your summers are going awesomely well. There will be a blog co writers reunion baaretz this weekend, and we are quite excited to see each other yet again and talk about…well you know.

As far as Srugim news, we have it from a very good source (you know who you are)  that season three is being written now, and will be shot starting in the winter and that next season will have a bit of a lighter mood.

Living in New York, I have had the lucky fate to run into my fair share of celebrities and minus for the time I yelled in Ben Affleck’s face “OMG ITS BEN AFFLECK” (true story), I have managed to keep my cool more or less.  George Clooney going through security with me at the airport? Meh.  Emma Thomspon  in the village.  Whatevs. But nothing quite prepared me for today.

So I have heard rumors of spotting some of our favorite people in the whole word, aka the actors from Srugim.  Today, I was zoche to have my own spotting.  This morning when I was walking to the Tel Aviv Archives, I saw a guy sitting in a cafe and immediately yelled out Yohai!!! For sitting just in the window was our favorite Yohai from Season 1, aka Moti Brecher, having coffee with a friend. I don’t think he heard me scream (and believe me I did), but he definintely saw my look of shock and awe and gave me that look that famous people give, aka I see that you recognize me and you are right yeah its me but for the love of good DONT BOTHER ME.  I choose to respect the fact that he was chilling with a friend,  and moved on, but not before I swung by the cafe to make sure it was him and he saw me again checking him out and then I felt like a stalker so I left.

So I know at least two of  our dear readers have had spottings as well. Tell your stories in the comments!  If you don’t, I will tell them anyway so you better fess up. And no, I went to see Laizy speak at the Jewish center doesn’t count, although it was pretty cool.




7 responses to “spotted: srugim!!!

  1. The prune machine

    We saw Roi ON EMEK REFAIM. He violated the rule that says that you aren’t allowed to hang out where your fictional self hangs out.

  2. I saw Roi in Tel Aviv, and like a total loser was like “OMG You’re Roi from Srugim, riiiiight?”
    He was pushing an adorable baby in a carriage.

  3. Love your site! Wanted to mention to you too, in case you wanted to write about it on your blog – the first season of Srugim is returning to US Television tomorrow on The Jewish Channel. With Season 3 being written, this is an exciting time to get people who may not have seen the show to watch it right from the beginning!

    Love that you are a big fan and kind of happy to hear your spoiler :0)

  4. I am a huge fan of srugim and was so excited to come across your blog. I have only seen season one and am now obsessed. I am dying to see season 2. Is there a site I can watch the second season that has full episodes with subtitles?

  5. How and where can I see season 3 of awesome. Srugim?

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