season three update!!

Man, lately  the Srugettes have been sad and lonely, although I did meet Ohad Knoller in August, who definitely thinks I am crazy.  But on this cold winter day, we bring you good news, straight from the man himself (via fb). Here’s your chance to be on Srugim!!

Laizy Shapira סוף סוף, בשעה טובה ומוצלחת – סרוגים העונה השלישית – יוצאת לדרך!
לרגל הצילומים הקרבים ובאים אנו מקיימים אודישנים לשחקני משנה (ביטים).
האודישנים ייערכו בירושלים ובתל אביב במהלך חודש ינואר.
אם אתם מעוניינים לנסות את מזלכם, זה הזמן לשלוח לנו קורות חיים (שם, גיל, כישורים, תמונה ודרך התקשרות)
לכתובת המייל
יש לכם חברים מוכשרים שישמחו להזדמנות? – שלחו גם להם את ההודעה הזו
בבקשה,לא לפנות אלי

Sorry for the weird spacing–we have no idea how to change that.

Translation:  Finally, in an auspicious hour,  Srugim Season 3 is on the way! Filming is coming and we are having auditions for different actors (auditions will be arranged in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem throughout January)  and if you are interested in trying your luck, send your C.V: name, age, qualifications, picture, and contact info), send an email to Do you have qualified friends that would be happy for this opportunity? Send them this message and please don’t contact me [i.e. Laizy] directly.

Srugimbits is an awesome email. We should have taken that first.

UPDATE:  Man, Laizy is going all kanye on his FB. Also from him today:

סרוגים 2, סוף סוף במארז די וי די. עכשיו בחנויות ובאינטרנט
“Srugim 2” finally out on DVD with English subtitles.Available in stores and on line

No, we don’t know where yet. We will let you know as soon as we do where you can buy the DVDs!!



10 responses to “season three update!!

  1. When are you guys going to recap season 1?

  2. after finals! i really want to, alas–want to help us? =)

  3. We are coming to Israel in January 2011 and are looking for somoene who does Srugim tours.
    Takes you around the neighborhoods, shows you the shuls, schools, cafes, gardens, deli, apartments, of srugim.

    Any suggestions?

    • Yitz – I’m not an official tour guide but I’m a bit obsessed with srugim and have spent way too much time in katamon and know all the sites (aside from the random tel aviv scenes…) Also, I myself am a single dati leumi female, so you’d be getting an authentic experience – I’ve even been on dates in cafe b’gina like all the main characters (and pretty much every single person in the area)
      This sounds like it would be a lot of fun and I’ll be in Israel until Jan 12th, so you can let the blog-writers know if you’re interested – they have my email

      • blog writers:
        i dont have your email and dont see it available on the website.
        My email is part of the reply, if you can see that, can you please provide me with l squared email so we can discuss the tour and logistics.


  4. Great web site… love the commentaries!

    I bought Srugim 2 a few weeks ago off the Internet (just finished watching last night!!). For web sites that are selling Srugim 2, Google “steimatzky usa” or “dvd yashir” (Hebrew site only).

  5. Unfortuntaly lsquared isnt available.
    Anyone else know of someone willing to do a tour on 1/10 or 1/11 or 1/13 2011?

  6. Hey gals,

    Thanks for all your hard work, and good luck with finals!

    Any idea when the new season is set to launch?


  7. Dear all,

    Would like to know if Srugim 3 is available for viewing online? Has it already aired on Israeli TV?

    Thank you,


  8. Season three will air October 23.

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