srugim season three deeetss and new show haim aherim

Shavua tov to all my fellow Srugim travelers!! We have a roundup of news to share with you about our favorite people in the whole wide world. Let’s divide the hadashot into news about the actors (as hard as it believe there is a life outside of Srugim–as kanye says: As pop stars we’re all in this shit together! We on the inside of the TV!l) and news about plotlines for season three.

No Virginia , Amir isn’t real:

  • Mazel tov to Yuval Sheref, the actress who plays Nitzan! She is engaged to Shlomi Sheben. They are both ridiculously good looking and apparently he proposed to her during a trip to Rome. Well done.
  • Babies all around!! Tali Sharon (Hodaya) and Yael Sharoni (Yifat) both had babies in the off season, apparently delaying the shooting of season three. Although honestly, we all are for unwanted pregnancies in television and would love to see an Avri love child, just saying.

All we really want for season three is for Avri to come back, really

  • Season two brought Roi, the gay heartbreaker. What will Season Three bring? So far, we have two leads. The first is about two haredi career women named Fayge and Chani who will stir things up a bit. Although I am personally doubtful they are actually haredi because sometimes the Israeli press/secular Israelis thinks all religious people are haredi, but those names are pretty hardcore haredi.  Either way,  all the merrier! I’m going to say that Nati is going to be all over these hotties, especially because they are going to married with kids and we know thats Nati’s weakness.
  • Speaking of Nati (sigh), he’s gonna have a new friend!!! Apparently, this friend Avinoam, in addition to being Very Hot, is a secular doctor who thinks dati people are kinda weird (thats legit) but is still open minded. Hey Reut–we found someone for you!! She’s gonna need a good rebound post Roi.  Only time will tell if he lives up to Avri, the greatest character of all time, proving the general consensus that the best guys on Srugim are the hilonim, while the hiloniot are completely nuts.

Also, you may be wondering how we have occupied our time since Srugim has been on hiatus. Fellow blog-reader, you are in luck. We have discovered Haim Aherim (which recently got a shout out in the New York Times), which may be the most amazing show ever since Srugim. It is a drama about a yeshiva guy who is hurt in the war with Gaza, and does dance therapy. Quickly, he discovers that dancing is a hell of a lot better than learning in yeshiva. Also, he’s really hot. Really, really, really hot. Also, Nitzan is in it! Woo. She plays the girlfriend–another datiya–hmmm.  Read more here and watch all 13 glorious episodes here from the official Keshet website–no viruses!  It starts off a bit goofy, but quickly gets AMAZING. Also, a warning. Let’s just say that they don’t quite adhere to Laizy’s no nudity policy. Ahem. Yakir, we love you.

Also, because as I read in some dumb Israeli newspaper over the summer, being dati is the new black, there is another show in the making!! Urim V’Tumim is about a “fictional elite Yeshiva Har Tzur”, aka Har Etzion, aka Gush. (Really, that was subtle there.) Wooo, a show about Gush!!  We hope they include the pretentious American boys there for the year who make sweatshirts that say: Intellectual Property of Gush. It’s also a drama, and is going to be epic although the beards are a bit sketch. We cant wait to watch as they struggle with modernity and being the next generation of religious Zionism, aka skip shiur to go into Emek and ogle hotties.

All of these shows have active FB pages, which we have linked in this post and thankfully, post frequently so that we don’t have to do real work and just dream about Israeli television and be semi distracted until Srugim comes back, hopefully in the summer.  Anyway, what do YOU think is going to happen? Leave your predictions in the comments. Are Yifat-Amir done for? (Amifat? Yifir? It’s no Chair) Is Roi going to be closeted forever?  Tell us your thoughts.





13 responses to “srugim season three deeetss and new show haim aherim

  1. I just watched series 1 and 2 and really enjoyed it. My general comments are that in series 2 everyone was too sad!
    In terms of the characters:
    Nati – I felt sorry for him in series 2 (thought he was an idiot in series 1) – a lot of his plate, eg mum dying, best friend getting married and hence less accessible, brother telling him he was gay, Dad’s new girlfriend and wedding, and then finally being dumped by first girlfriend he really liked. But loose the extra weight, not attractive.
    Roi – again difficult storyline, but quite plausible. He didn’t set out to break Reut’s heart but clearly did. Will be interesting to see if they give him religious boyfriend, and whether he stays religious. How he will reconcile it.
    Reut – hard to say, but I think she should have pushed Roi earlier on the more physical side of things before she embarked on relationship.
    Yifat – whiney and annoying, hormonal and clearly doesn’t really love Amir. Never got any chemistry between them… I think married him as she was desperate. Would have liked some of backstory about getting back together after eating pig dream in series 1.
    Amir – clearly loves Yifat, but frustrated marriage not going well. Don’t think they should stay together, but couldn’t watch a repeat of her in series 1 as a single.
    Hodaya – didn’t like her boyf and thought it wierd that he didn’t just tell her that he hadn’t told him parents he wasn’t frum anymore. I don’t think she’ll become religious but maybe be more tolerant eg will happily drink friday night kiddush and not bring wine in taxi.
    Things that haven’t been explored include:
    – issues with dating baal teshuvahs (and dealing with their irreligious parents)
    or lapsed charedim
    – would Hodaya date someone who turned out to not be halachically jewish?
    – Difficulties of abstainining physically eg in serious relationship, not ready to commit yet, how to deal with this etc etc (probably Nati) taking “care” of yourself is unspoken taboo.
    – They didn’t really deal with annoyances of not passing things to each other when niddah etc.

  2. Is there a second season for Haim Aheirim?

  3. i don’t think so, tragically. i think its like telenovela/miniseries style, which is a much more popular format in israel (and latin america) than it is in america..did you watch? did you love it?

    • I watched the series, but I found it a little too dark for my taste.

      I find alot of Israeli films are like that. But it is an interesting series.

    • Hi Shayna,

      Loved Yakir, his family, Avidan and the dancing. What is happening about series 2, can’t believe they will let it hang like that? What about dad and daughter Neta… some ways it has a stronger story line than srugim. Are you sure there is will be no series 2….. tzip

  4. Any updates about when season 3 will premiere? I also adore Avri and can totally envision a reunion between the professor and Hodaya!! You are right that the “hiloniyot” and the “dati” guys are totally nuts and/or unreliable…

  5. Lori,

    I just saw on Srugim’s FB page that they will start to film next week. It takes our lovely friends in the Zionist entity a while to do anything, so I wouldn’t expect anything until the fall…..

  6. Hello there! Thanks for the update. I realized it’s been a while since I heard anything about Srugim – and as expected, you had the news!
    Hope you’re very well. 🙂

  7. Hey Srugettes,

    Any clue when the new season is supposed to come out? They’ve been saying “soon” for what feels like years!


  8. hey! so if you are fb friends with srugim (which you definintely SHOULD be– they are in the process of filming and they love posting pictures. hopefully it will be by the fall–thats the last i have heard.


  9. Hey Srugettes,
    Any idea, rumors, etc. of when season 3 will be on the air? We just got back from Israel, and nobody we knew there had any idea. There’s Ramzor, but it’s not quite the same, even though Lilach (Yael Sharoni) rocks as a chilonit inversion of Yifat’s personality.

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