Srugim Season 3, Episode 1: Srugim gets knocked up

And we are back!!! It has been quite a while since we joined the Srugim clan for Friday night dinner and we were suffering from withdrawal. Luckily, Laizy must have hired a social media firm, because the show has been teasing us for months with clips, photos and contests- a make your own kippa contest, really?

So let’s get caught up. Last season ended with Yifat and Amir heading toward splitsville- or at least intensive couple’s therapy, Nati getting his heart stomped on by a clown, Hodaya still being a hot mess, but a hot mess with a job, and Reut and Roii are finally donzo. And so after such a long wait to find out what happens- WE GOT THE ANSWERS TO ALMOST NONE OF THESE QUESTIONS. Just like last season, the show skips ahead a few months- how was Yifat and Amir’s marriage magically fixed? We need to know! Last season we had faith that all would be explained in subsequent episodes, but now we know better. Laizy, why are you doing this to us? Ok we are under control. Now on to the main event- reality index season 3 episode 1!

Realer than crying on Israeli public transport and no one batting an eye

First of all, we have to salute Nati for playing the Dead Mom Card with that crazy marriage minded psycho Miri. It is a known rule that having a Dead Parent has the cache of a certain get out of jail free card. Note how when she asks if they can visit his parents for Shabbat, he only mentions his dead mother and not his very alive father and crazy Frenchie stepmother in a successful changing of the subject. Well done Nati. We wouldn’t want to visit them either, with or without Miri. +100

Nati never orders for Miri because he knows he would never get it right and she would legit kill him for forgetting to make it skim, or whatever. She is totally that girl whose Aroma order takes 15 minutes to say. Also, Nati seems to have a thing for redheads. (Maklochet, Sarah kind of likes Miri in the Taylor Townson/Paris Geller kind of way- will we see her again?) +25

We love the crazy poet. LOVE HIM. Everyone knows that one crazy artist who is talented but an awful person to be around and yet such a train wreck that you can’t stop being friends with him. He is also the most Israeli of the characters with his absolute refusal to obey any rules, especially ones that involve chain smoking. The show seemed to hint that Reut might be his man. But we are not so sure how much we like this. On the other hand, at least he’s straight and not from Mercaz HaRav. #zing! +50

Poets drinking weird alchohol  at all hours of the day! (what the heck is fig arak?) Because if you could, you know you would. +5

Everyone makes fun of the segula challah but secretly eats it when no one looking. We’ve all been there, Hodaya. Eat those carbs. +20

Texting during davening girl–please be our best friend. Ulpana is rough. +10 Special bonus points for liking how mean Hodaya is to her students, especially because she is clearly overcompensating.

As secular as one becomes, you always clop the table to remind people its rosh hodesh. Every datlash has annoying habits they will never get rid of. Ever. +10 What’s yours? For example, Shayna has all these annoying habits from her NCSY days, like crying during Acheinu for no reason.

Of course the car mechanic sold you a lemon. Obviously, and obviously Amir was dumb about it and he wrecked the car in the first place. Plus 5 for character consistency.

Also the mechanic was totally playing you this time, have you not heard of bargaining? No points.

We love Tamar Ross Ulpana Lady! Stay mean. Everyone knows Amir may be hot, but he is just kind of mediocre, especially in his understanding of human biology. +50

AVRI!!! We love how they recreated how Hodaya and Avri first met, and how really realistic and truly awful it is to run into the soon to be married and perfect ex. Damm, you are hot. We really hope this isn’t the end of Avri! The segula challah must work!  But since the preview seemed to indicate he had other scenes, we hope Hodaya become a major homewrecker. You have a month, get it going! Time to get cracking. +1000

Hodaya’s mean secular friend likes Madness, a band we had never heard and we had to look them up on the Internets to find out about them, learning that (from Wkipedia, obvs) “They were one of the most prominent bands of the late-1970s 2 Tone ska revival..”  Didn’t all those annoying Israelis move to the Village to annoy Shayna? Well there must be some annoying hipster Israelis still left in Israel. See you at Sabon or at a mall kiosk soon. Or is this to make up for all those artist boycotts? Zing! + 10

Amir has a Shopping Problem! Love it. Get that man registered at BabiesRUs stat.

We knew from the second Hottie Tehila ex walked in that Nati would tap that.  Stay classy, Nati. This is why we keep you around. Seriously,the look when Nati opened the door to Tehila was the skeeviest thing we ever saw. We half expected the lights to dim and Marvin Gaye to start blasting. +30

Amir of course has to ask how Yifat got pregnant. OMG maybe its not his baby? Wahoo Nati-Yifat love child!!! + 10

Israelis love roommates. Nati is a thirty-something year old doctor – and granted we know doctors do not make so much in Israel but he could still afford to live in on his own somewhere instead of being forced to take in some random-o you don’t really like. No points, just real.

Someone wished Amir Mazel Tov when he was carrying a car seat on the bus. This would totally happen. Oh, Israel. Especially because this reminds Shayna of the first time that someone handed her a baby and went to the front to pay and Shayna thought that she had a baby now like for good for five minutes until the lady came back. Israelis love babies!  +15

Faker then Nati not wanting whipped cream on his coffee

Yifat makes moussaka, NOT zucchini quiche. Or maybe she had to get a new dish because Nati is allergic to eggplants and we know that she will always love him? Hmm, draw.

Ok, how awesome is Yifat in this epiosde?  She is reacting normal to her pregnancy, she doesn’t mind that Hodaya cancels on her for Friday night dinner and then later just shows up, and she is supportive of Amir’s quitting. The old Yifat  would have thrown five shit fits by now. This is some hard core invasion of the body snatchers going on. -40

Wow Amir. Just wow. You are a language teacher– and that is awesome–but why would you ever think you would jump from that to Rav of the Ulpana? You aren’t even a Moreh Tanach. -500

But that look of pure disgust on Ulpana-Tamar Ross’ face is priceless. OMG what if Hodaya, using her totally useless Bible degree, ends up becoming head of the school! We would watch that show. No points.

Where is Roi? No one even mentions him, he has just been “disappeared” from Nati’s apartment. Is he on a Jonah retreat? (too soon?) Did he come out and is now living it up in Gay Tel Aviv. The people need to know. -1,000

Hodaya’s secular friend bails but she can always count on her dati friends being there.This is a lesson repeated again and again in this series: Secular people are bad and will fail you but the frummies will always be there with a zemer! -30 Also remember last season (was it the premiere?) Hodaya was invited for dinner and there was a huge fight over her datlashiness? Now everyone is totally cool with her heresy. Character growth people, we love it!

Ok, seriously. What happened between Yifat and Amir in the past few months to turn them into lovebirds? Was it A. Couples improv classes. B. private sessions with Rav Shapira. C. love advice from the magical Sephardim. Or D. Emotional numbness masquerading as happiness? Spill the beans! -1,000

Reut, she pops up long enough for us to be reminded yet again she has an awesome job and is some kind of financial wizard (The only way Sarah can understand finance is thinking its magic). And she has the best excuse for not bringing anything to Friday night dinner. Sorry, it burned! We must start using that. (Again, Sarah will, Shayna loves making quiche). We really hope this is the season of love for Reut. she deserves it! -70

Let’s get real- datlash Hodaya would def not be allowed to teach in the ulpana. If there is anything religious educational institutions fear the most, it is students being exposed to other acceptable lifestyle choices. -100

Nati, we will BUY YOU A SHABBOS LAMP. Stop reading in the bathroom. What is with that? Although, plus some points for character consistency. Draw.

Amir and Hodaya seem awfully close this episode, their conversations in school, the look of delight on his face when she comes to Friday night dinner. We wish he would have stayed a little longer at the school, who knows what would have happened? #justsayin.

so we are primed for this season– new poet-alcoholic seems awesome! And we hear there are more new characters on the way.  As always comments welcome!

the Srugettes!!


23 responses to “Srugim Season 3, Episode 1: Srugim gets knocked up

  1. Overall really great first ep. feels a lot like they are getting back to season one basics – hence Reut being not much more than an angry successful biyatch, Roi not existing, and Amir not realizing or having patience for anything. Much more subtle than over-the-top attitudes of season 2.

    Are we also going to avoid making fun of Natis flavor of the week? Did she not have a Lubavitch Sheitl on during her dates? Her hair confused me. Her body said ‘marry me,’ but her head said ‘I am a modernly dressed taken woman.’

    also Hodaya seems to have gotten the insanity out of her from last season (sleeping on a park bench; thinking she will become a writer etc) which now recrowns her as hottest srugim chick… so long as she keeps the crazies in check with Avri coming back…

    boopoints on Nati’s lack of boundaries in running after roommate’s ex. though it does make sense for him to still chase the dream of the super hot random chick being perfect for you….

    Keep the faith alive Nati, Keep the faith alive.

    -Bitzah West.

  2. It’s back! Wooooooo!!!

    But are you sure the car was a lemon? I thought he was returning it because he quit his job and couldn’t afford it anymore.

  3. I thought it was that and that the car had a new exterior but a crappy interior, which is a common scam in Israel….

  4. Easy answers:
    Azarya+Breslover leprechaun = Shidduch crisis averted

    Lingering questions:
    Where does Nati holding hands in the coffee shop and leaning in for post-friday-night dessert (i.e. kiss on the cheek) with Miri fall on the +/- analysis?

    Also, did anyone else mistake Miri for Nitzan (season one, hospital donor’s gorgeous but dangerously Type A daughter)?

    Will the force of Azarya’s slap to Nati’s face match/exceed abba gershon’s on Yoel Solomon?

    • 1. we are generally pro these things, i think. and since its nati, its really what we expect of him. hes a playa but we dont hate the playa, we hate the game.

      2. many people have pointed out that nati has a thing for redheads! yes, we did a double take.

      3. only time will tell!


  5. I can’t believe you people never heard of “Madness”

    Don’t you know “Our House in the Middle of the Street”?

    • ok, i am embarrassed now. of course i know the song, i just didn’t know who sang it. i hang my head in shame. but they didn’t even mention that on the show! thanks for correcting us.

      • I have their greatest hits cassette somewhere (Yes, I wrote “cassette”)

        “Our House” I think is pPretty much that’s their only tune that non-Madness fans know.

        I was born in 1970, so Madness’s heyday was in my childhood and early adolescence it seems. I wonder if a late 20s, early 30-something Israeli like Hodaya’s roommate, who would be about t 10 years younger than me would be into “Madness”.

        The implication was that Hodaya was ignorant of them because she’s a datlash, but I doubt many younger hiloniot would be into them.

  6. Words I learned from this episode:

    “Bazilikum” = Basil (that should have been obvious without looking it up)

    Tznoberim= pine nuts

    Muskat= nutmeg

    (Now I have to find what these things mean in English)

  7. who needs a shabbat lamp

    reading by the bathroom is a + and you know it!

  8. “This is some hard core invasion of the body snatchers going on. -40”

    Was this a semi-veiled reference to the baby growing inside her? Knowing you too, I say yes.

  9. Reading in the toilet, or at the door, is old-school. It was quite common when I was young. Many apartments and dorms (like yeshiva dorms) had a single main Shabbat clock wired at the fusebox. It shut off all the lights (and usually outlets, the wiring circuits were simple) except the toilet and sometimes the kitchen. So lots of guys grew up sitting on the floor by the toilet with the door open to take advantage of that light if they wanted to read late. Just like Nati does. Depending on the age of the apartment, he may have developed the habit in his parents’ home; but almost certainly in the yeshiva dorms in high school and later (didn’t he do a stint in Hesder?). Seeing him do it seems just right.

  10. When did friday night dinner become vegetarian? Quiches are usually dairy (although israelis would call a pashtida with a crust a quiche)
    When hodaya comes in yifat tells her that they have batata, rice and quiche

  11. Fish et Seniorita Horwita

    And once again, The only reason we watch the show is to be able to read the recap.

  12. When’s the next episode?

  13. just a little comment:
    “Faker then Nati not wanting whipped cream on his coffee”
    He said no foam, not no whipped cream. If you ask for no foam you get more coffee and less air in your cup. Very much Nati!

  14. The Madness concert was one of the coolest references ever in Srugim history. If you were old enough to know who Madness was you would have definitely given a +1,000.

  15. Not sure you still read these comments but how do I watch season 3 with English subtitles?! I can’t find it anywhere!!! HELP!!! If you know, can you email me

  16. Season 3 with English subtitles is on Hulu. It’s free, but with commercials.

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