Season 3, Episode 2: Srugim says yes!!!

So this episode was a shocker. We would have thought the Hodaya and Avri thing would have been extended until the season finale where she runs into the wedding hall holding a tanach in one hand and a bacon sandwich in the other. And the fakeout! Bravo Laizy. you got us. On to the recap!

Realer than an Israeli thinking wearing a vest is an appropriate interview outfit

Yifat’s outfits this whole episode, frummies always think adding a long sleeved shirt underneath an outfit won’t change it. and when they ask you say it doesn’t. But, confession time- it does and it looks awful. Also those puffy sleeves, oy. machloket–Shayna thinks despite that, Yifat’s outfits have improved so much since she started working with Nitzan, although the long sleeve shirt is def a faux pax. +10

Nitzan is back and she is as bitchy as ever! It’s also nice to see Yifat isn’t all marshmallows and sunshine, she is the one who will stab you in the back with a smile on her face. We always knew she was much meaner and more successful then Amir, and we love it. +25

Fayge and Chani are the mean girls of Srugim. We are excited to see more of them. remember, we wear pink on Wednesdays. +10

the Israeli poetry teacher/coordinator– Sarah had an Israeli creative writer teacher in Israel who looked just like that. wait. maybe it was her. oh man. she also had Hebrew teacher red hair, a requirement for all middle aged Israeli women. +5

Also every person in that reading was perfect. except for Tehila let’s be honest she is too pretty to dig poetry. also, it appears that every bad poem must include a lame o shir hashirim reference. +20

Of course while Alcoholic Poet is puring out his soul, Nati is texting on his phone. A plus. +75

Of course Amir thinks he will get immediately find a job- after all he is principal material. +30

We are pretty sure zonah ahuva sheli is the best line ever uttered on this show. it’s the your sweet potatoes are bland of srugim. Azaria, we love you SO MUCH. We love that you buried, than exhumed your old stuff that were things like…an old cigarette pack. How romantic. +100

-The chinuch mafia! We are positive that exists, and that the heads of it look exactly like that. Also, they would totally think they are offering you an amazing deal and that you would be crazy for not taking it. +15

-That guy who fired his secretary via intercom is so Israeli. Also–another point. He said he loves dati people to work for him. This is a well known stereotype–secular people love dati people because they think they are obedient and good workers–after all they follow rules for a living. little do they know how much crazy that kippah can hide. +20

-At least Nati realized poetry wasn’t going to work for him. As we have stated before, we are all for using tragedy for personal gain, so we love this idea of using the Parochet to nab Tehila. good work. +50

-Kehatia! plus 5 for character consistency. we notice these things cause we are obsessed. and we love you for it, Laizy.

-Kinneret yelling at Yifat. Nothing like a good israel crazy pants yelling explosion. And oh, shes pregnant! Way to make Yifat feel bad. +5

-OK so to discuss the most important part of this episode- AVRI RETURNS AND PROPOSES!!! Basically this was like shipper heaven. Ok so Avri showing up out of the blue and deciding he wants to spend the rest of his life with wacked out Hodaya instead of a presumably normal chick was pretty unlikely. Her saying yes immediately was not. I mean what else does she have going on in her life! When she woke up on the bus and thought it was dream our hearts dropped. That was not nice. Shayna cried. However, it is pretty likely Hodaya would have taken the wrong combo of her medication and can’t distinguish dreams from reality — remember last year’s hallucination episode. and when it was real?! whatever, WE ARE SO HAPPY. WATCHING THIS EPISODE WAS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF OUR LIVES, SERIOUSLY, WE ARE TALKING FIRST BORN CHILD HAPPY. So while this whole sequence of events is pretty unrealistic, PLUS A MILLION BECAUSE WE DON’T CARE. Also we are so excited to see Avri’s parents and Hodaya’s parents meet to plan the wedding. Hilarity will ensure.

Faker than Nati being good at poetry

-We aren’t quite sure why Reut thinks Nati’s AWFUL poem is good. Was she just being nice? That doesn’t seem like her. Does she secretly love Nati? Sucks for her. (machloket, Sarah kind of liked the poem but she also likes limericks) Also we NEED MORE REUT TIME. Seriously. however, the two of them hanging out is funny. we approve of that. -10 but we will add more time if you bring back more of Reut

-Also Nati going to a poetry reading. He is too lazy to find out where she hangs out and go there. As he keeps on saying, he is a doctor –the girls should be coming to him. However, don’t think we forgot that Nati seems to have (at least pretended to) like ibn Gavirols poetry last season soo..yeah. We still aren’t buying it. -10

-Roi, WHOA where did you come from? also, when did you become charedi? what was with that outfit??? (machloket- Sarah thinks someone trying to suppress his homosexuality by joining a charedi community is not that surprising) we need more details. STAT.-15 for that awful outfit

-This family meeting thing was so awkward, seriously. But that does it make it more believable, we guess because everyone in the Brenner family is so emotionally repressed. And once again Nat’s dad FTW! But where was crazy Frenchie wife? -15. she is always good for drama.

-When Ulpana Tamar Ross called in Hodaya, she obviously would have also yelled at her for having a hot secular guy stalk her at school. That is not good for the students middos. Also, we knew she knew. She knows everything that happens in her school- like Dumbeldore. -25.

-Could Hodaya be dressed in more unflattering frummie clothes? There are frummie clothes that won’t make her look like her clothes come from the salvation army (anyone?). Just look at the mean girls! They dress really well. -20

-Almog is the worst first name ever. -35.

-The friendship between Almog the new student and Hodaya…seems a bit weird. WHY WOULD YOU ASK A STRANGER IS SHE WANTS A BIT OF YOUR SANDWICH, WHO DOES THAT??? but we are all for corrupting todays youth! so wash. Also Almog, we noticed you didn’t make hamotzi. welcome to the dark side.

So what do you guys think? Do you like the Havri reunion or do you call shenanigans? Let us know in the comments! This episode is setting up some pretty great material for the season, see you next week!

Important Announcements:

Through the Official Amos Tamam Fan Page (shut up, we know you joined it too), we have learned that our favorite hotty is in a new drama called Ehad Efes Efes (0-1-1) which basically looks like the worst crime drama ever, but it also seems like Amos will take his shirt off, so we will watch it anyway. It’s available streaming online via the FB page. Excellent. Let us know what you think!


16 responses to “Season 3, Episode 2: Srugim says yes!!!

  1. “Havri”? come on, that portmanteau is almost as bad as the scenes themselves were. We know that Hodaya is good at ruining her life, but when did Avri become so stupid? You don’t love the fiance? fine, break up, take a break, and see if you still like Hodaya in a few weeks.

    And yes, the outfits are all awful. Frankly, I didn’t care for the Nitzan clan’s outfits much either. Reut is the only female on the show who dresses well – where are you Reut?

  2. Harsh, what do you think we should call them?

  3. so confused why kinneret gets fired when nitzan even yells at yifat for not using her pics. unclear to me.
    liking that nati is going after this girl and being very vulnerable. i also like the reut/nati friendship.
    basically i enjoyed everyone in this episode…except amir. never gonna like that guy. although i did catch echad efes efes,and he is much more likable in that show. maybe its cuz he wears a tight shirt and is all im a badass cop and i bend the rules. also…avri is in it. dont get me started on avri.

  4. Laizy really got us good with that fakeout, although I still don’t understand why she was on the bus in the first place: Avri just proposed, why was he not driving her? Also when they said good-bye after the proposal, did it not occur to them they didn’t have each other’s number? Hodaya tells him not to meet her in front of the school, because the teachers are watching. So he meets her on the other side of the street? Yeah, that really fooled them all. And don’t you just feel safer knowing that security guard with his impeccible memory is standing at the gate?
    I do think his proposal was likely. Back in Season1 he did say he wanted to marry her.
    Loved Nati texting on the phone during Azarya’s reading.
    Definitely can’t wait to get more info on Roi’s transformation. Speaking of which have you seen the Epsiode 3 preview on YouTube yet?

  5. Help! I’m in the US and can’t find the full episode online anywhere. It was great that you posted Episode 1 here. Where can I go to continue watching?

  6. where online can i find this episode?

  7. I wonder (hope?) if Laizy’s setting us up for Nati and Reut to get together. Now that Amir and Yifat have magically become an actual couple, and ‘Avriya’ may heading for the chuppah if Hodaya doesn’t have a crazy pants meltdown (or their families don’t go to war), they’re the two singles in this Swamp left standing. Reut seems like a best friend type, but she’s smart enough to keep up with Nati, while he’s less of the self-centered jerk he was before the clown. Oh, and from a guy POV she looked hotter than Hodaya this week-:).
    Not sure how interesting or viable having a show centered around three married couples, representing the hiloni/dati continuum would be, though.

  8. Brilliant to have Roi turn up as a haredi without explaining it

    Of course Reut loves his poetry. She is an accountant for goodness sakes and she hasn’t got a clue.

    Did Amir call that scam number to earn 5000 NIS in 5 mins? He’s in his way to trouble. Still don’t get what the heck Yifat sees in him.

    If Tehilla ever falls for Nati, how lone will it take him to drop her?

  9. I agree, we need more of Reut.
    I kind of liked the Avri proposal, but Avri is just as crazy if he leaves his fiance and three days later proposes to an ex!
    Maybe next episode, ‘reformed’ Roi is going to come running to propose to Reut!
    there were too many leaps from last season that were never explained.

  10. When can we see episode three?

    episode 3 , and i won’t give away all the shockers here…..

  12. boy, SM you were so close to guessing episode 3…..

  13. Thanks for giving us “zonah ahuvah sheli” as a catch-phrase. I’ve been cracking my wife up with it since I told her what it meant. It’s kind of endearing in a twisted way

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