Srugim 3 Episode 4: Srugim Takes a Nap

Srugim this week was fun with few surprises. We saw the burgeoning Ruet/Nati friendship. Azarya continued being an oblivious ass. Amir continued on his career quest. And we got to make fun of the Sochnut. Nice Laizy cameo! And don’t think that we don’t know Laizy’s parents were on shlichut in America when he was in high school and that’s how is English is so good. #wearealmostasgoodatstalkingasnati is. Anyway, to the recap!
Realer than the Sochnut Rabbi’s American accent

Reut is on the prowl.  The “returning CDs” ploy– we’ve been there. But it seems like Azarya is the kind of guy who needs a more direct approach– like a club over the head. Also Reut has a pattern of dating emotionally unavailable men and we are concerned about history repeating itself. +20

Of course Amir, searching for a purpose would latch onto the idea of going on shlichut. If he was in America he would have become a Scientologist by now. +30 (Conspiracy Theory Number One: “Nahum”” “Manny” was not just “passing by” but rather a plant by the Israeli government to recruit sadsacks putting up signs on telephone polls. Hey, it could happen.) +20 Also of course he just came back from Toronto- Canadians are all about Bnei Akiva, it’s in the water.

Oh that building, Sarah has been in it numerous times for “Zionist education” and that is exactly what it looks like. And is that the rabbi of Washington DC??? Who is it modeled on? We must know. And of course there a grown man would be wearing that Bnei Akiva shirt unironically! +10

OMG, the simulations were amazing. Loved it. My name is Aliza and I want to marry my non Jewish boyfriend in a church! I’m an Indian and I want to convert!

Amir totally screws up the interview. He clearly has no idea what this job involves and just views it as an extended vacation where he will hang out and people will be in awe because he is a real Israeli. Oh Wait- THAT IS EXACTLY HOW EVERY SHALIACH ACTS! +500

Yifat is the office badass. Why did she work alone all these years? This is such a perfect outlet for her bitchiness. Also she goes tiger wife when she thinks the interviewers are attacking Amir’s career decisions. Fantastic + 5

Also, another amazing Yifat moment. When Amir asks if he should wear his tzitit out, she says if you want to be believable you should grow a beard. Hahaha. Even your wife knows you are a joke. +20

Nati’s Shalom to Tehila is Srugim’s version of “I’m Chuck Bass.” +10

But he was way too good at complimenting Reut for Azarya. +5
Azarya with the comeback of the century: Why dont you marry her then: +100!
And Nati admits it! He secretly loves Reut! But its complicated. It always is the in bitza, DAMN IT. +100 only if Nati shapes up

One of Nati’s selling points re Reut is that she makes a lot of money. +10

Hold on, is there trouble in Avriland? Hodaya forgot she was getting married? +50 because of course Hodaya would mess up the one good thing in her life.

Amir is taking a nap in the middle of the day. All unemployment blogs recommend against this. But if we could nap in the middle of the day we totally would. +30

Azarya also naps in the middle of the day. We are officially becoming poets. +100

Tehila may be crazy (see below) but she is also funny. Do you have a page of verses? I have a whole book of them. Snap!! +10

While the Jewish Agency does pay its shlichim, it is totally conceivable that a random sketchy Jewish org would try to get people to do something like that for free. +15 for Amir finally learning some common sense.

We love bad poetry nights SO MUCH. More awkward bereshit references, please. +50

That Venezuelan family is adorable!!!! We want a spin-off series that features the multi-generational family living under one roof and the wacky adventures they get into as Jews living under the Chavez regime. +1,000

Nati is a stalker of epic proportions. He can’t understand someone not wanting to date him? Maybe it’s all the restraining orders against you! And that he would sell out Reut for a date is pretty par for the course. Also that lawyer-fisherman story? Maybe he has a chance at a creative writing career after all. +100

The Dvar Torah challenge is like the frum version of Project Runway. You are In or you are Out. +10.

While its no Beyonce at the VMAs excitement, we did like the baby bump reveal at the end of this episode. Wahooo for Srugim Spawn! +30

Faker than Nati owning any Chava Alberstein CDs

Firstly, we realize everyone in Srugim is old, but CDs? really? -5.
Secondly, Nati would never ever ever own Chava Alberstein CDs. That is like him listening to Tori Amos or Ani DiFranco. Reut, try harder. Also, you tried to play the skeeviest guy–of course he figured you out. Just remember, hate the player, not the game. -25

Tehila, what the HELL are you wearing? We realize you live in Nachloat (and your apartment is amazing, woah) but that does not excuse your weird outfits with too many layers. (Sarah thinks Israelis would totally wear that weird outfit– only in Israel would a long jean skirt and a puffy orange coat be considered sexy)

Nati, you are off on your game. Eishes Chayil is so cliche, dude. If you want to impress the Nachloat babes, gotta start learning that book of verses Tehila has. -15

Also, we are not convinced that Tehila is anywhere near sane. In fact, we are sure she is not. 1. She dated Azaria. 2. She dresses funny. 3. She made a vow not to date anyone else until her crazy ex (maybe ex fiance? she seems to hint at that?) moves on. Most importantly she is always furrowing her brow every time she talks. This does not bode well for Tehinati. -100

Nati has to clarify that his mother is really dead. Gosh, sometimes you really seem like a skeeze.-15. Also, we are not sure that his details about his mother are actually relevant or if he is still trying to woo Tehila. -another 10. as we say, usually we approve of this sort of benefiting from tragedy, but yesh gvul, dude.

Since when do Yifat and Amir have any ideals? Isn’t that a little bit necessary for shlichut? Maybe the sochnut was really desperate, or it was Amir’s desperation remanifesting itself as Zionist love for the golden city of Toronto and not anywhere slightly less posh. Seriously, it was for Venuezula after all. Not like Chavez hates Jews or anything. -10

Since when did the ladies of Srugim go all Sex and the City on us and become Ladies who Lunch? Lamers, but we do love going out to lunch. So only -5.

Nice job Amir on pretending that you would ever care to not shake a women’s hand. We still didn’t buy it. -10.

Can I hang out here? So, So Israeli.  So annoying. -10.

So we would award points for Tehila calling Nati out on his skeevy ways and him fessing up, but hey, we know Orthodox men, and they are NEVER that direct. -10 unless that clown Nati dated really did make him grow up a bit.

Nati has never fixed a “tris” in his life -50

Amir’s last name is Yehezkel? Did we know that? No points, just an observation.

Of course Amir thinks he is being noble by passing on the job offer. Let’s review: He randomly decided to apply for a job that he has never shown any interest in before. There was no talk of how going on Shlichut would be a step forward in his career. It would entirely upend their lives. Yifat has an actual career where she is awesome and is quickly advancing. She makes money, he makes none.  AND HE IS THE HERO? Yifat should have shut this down long ago. -600

So what did ya’ll think? Is there an Nati-Reut-Azarya-Tehilla love square in our future? Why is Hodaya being weirder than usual? See you next week!

the srugettes

34 responses to “Srugim 3 Episode 4: Srugim Takes a Nap

  1. ““Nahum” was not just “passing by” but rather a plant by the Israeli government to recruit sadsacks putting up signs on telephone polls.”
    – Nachum was the guy from the Sochnut with the B”A shirt. Manny Shapira (love that he used his own last name) was the friend who returned from Toronto. He previously appeared in Season 1, Epsiode 1 as the guy Yifat ditches on the speed date for Nati.

    “Amir’s last name is Yehezkel? Did we know that?”
    – Yes. Back in Season 1 when he is in the park with Carlebach hippies (no offense intended) he introduces himself as such.

    • “Amir’s last name is Yehezkel? Did we know that?”
      – Yes. Back in Season 1 when he is in the park with Carlebach hippies (no offense intended) he introduces himself as such.

      And it’s appeared several other times since then. But this may be the first time we learned that Yifat took his last name. We also know Nati’s (and Roi’s) last name is Brenner; do we know any of the others?

      • Wow, we weren’t paying so much attention I guess. Hmm, I can’t think of any others….

      • I don’t recall Hodaya’s last name, but if I had to guess it was mentioned in the ep where her father is celebrating his…birthday? And she makes the video to send instead of attending.

      • do we know any of the others?

        Avri Levine.

    • fixed it!! thanks for the good eye.

  2. The whole scene with the Jewish Agency was totally gratuitous. How does it add a psychological dimension or a plot twist?Did anyone think they were really going on Shlichut?.This episode was not up to snuff.You’re right- this was a very “sleepy” episode. Not very impressive.By the way why would someone like Nati be attracted to Tehilla? Maybe because she was engaged to his roommate? Didn’t we see thar with Yifat and Amir in a previous season?

  3. As for your first line, I don’t think you can call Reut/Nati a “friendship” – Nati reached a new low getting her hopes up for the crazy poet.

    As for Yifat and Amir, did I miss a scene towards the end where they had a conversation and discussed what each of them wanted to do? Because all I saw was Amir assuming he knows what Yifat wants. And 2+ seasons of srugim have told us that he usually doesn’t, so how does he all of the sudden have Yifat ESP?

    Also, I looked it up (S&S dissed daytime naps, so I had to find something else to do) and I can’t find מועדון קן לציפור anywhere. Although apparently the name is based on a Bialik poem.

  4. Did someone comment a while back on how Yifat & Amir seemed to have overcome their marital difficulties? I say it was simply the crazy ‘fertility’ drugs making her nasty, as soon as she relaxed & got on with life (& off the pills & the pressure to conceive) she was fine.
    Does anyone know why we can’t see Season one on dossinet or vodisrael? I actually went through the entire Season 2 recently (& any small clips I found on youtube) but I am plotzing to see some of the stuff I missed…

  5. This was kind of a filler episode. What was the theme – half-hearted attempts to try a new path that don’t work out, and don’t matter? Agreed the Venezuelans made the episode.

    Re Avriland: since Hodaya’s walked away from everything she’s tried in the last 2+ years, what’s the over/under on a breakup? She was acting fairly unhappy or weird on the sneak peak at Ep05 too. At least one person on the Hebrew FB site thought that maybe she was hiding being pregnant. That woud be pretty ironic? Talk about someone new at being hilonit getting, well, divine judgment (and a pretty strong contrast to Yifat). But she’s more than capable of up for other reasons.

    As for Azariyah, eh. He’s a shmuck, poet or not. DK about the SATC riff; it kind of works for Yifat/Amir (Miranda and a near-do-well Steve?) and Hodaya (who’s kind of a dysfunctional Carrie), but there’s no Samantha. Nati’s about the closest, and that’s where the comparison falls apart.

  6. and is that the rabbi of Washington DC??? Who is it modeled on? We must know.

    On looks alone I’m going to say Rabbi Barry Freundel. Check out the pics. Not “the rabbi of DC” (we don’t have one), but a pretty well-known Orthodox rabbi.

  7. @BZ – Reut Rosen – Season 1, Episode 9, when Reut has to decide between Yochai and Noam, we learn that her mother is Ofra Rosen of NRP

  8. Replying to L-squared: Amir doesn’t have Yifat ESP any more than he did the entire time. The graphologist said she didn’t really want to go on Shlichut!
    Vietnam and Kazakhstan as Bnei Akiva Shlichut destinations? I feel bad for people who didn’t get this was a joke.

  9. Why does Nati want to date tehila you ask? Simple–because she’s not available. Just like Nati only was interested in Yifat once she was with Amir. Same with many other of his conquests.
    Also, agreed about the Yifat ESP–come on, can Yifat and Amir ever communicate about anything? Does not bode well to the future of their marriage when all they ever to is NOT talk to each other about what they are really thinking.

  10. flood of fish poo

    It isn’t a love square. It is more like Nati is running after all Azarya’s exes (he is soon to pick up Reut after Azarya starts going out with her).

    Also: there should be plus a billion for the Sochnut interview. That was the worst interview ever–Yifat and Amir are the WORST possible people to be on shlichut. But OF COURSE JAFI would think they were wonderful.

  11. Are we ever going to see the apartment that Reut impulsively bought at the end of season 2???
    Yeah, that scene where Reut, Hodaya and Yifat are having coffee. Where did that come from?? Ha Ha!

  12. i got a good laugh from Laizy’s “sunday school” phrase, do israelis really say that?! At the rate the season is going i predict the show will end with all the characters married! and some babies too…!

  13. o.k. most surreal moment of watching this episode- the dad of the venezualan family was our public speaking coach in all the seminars I attended when working at the sochnut. I was laughing so hard!!!!!!!!

  14. Sarah (not the original one(

    Vietname & Khazakhistan? S/o must be confusing the Sochnut with Chabad?

  15. I just read through all the Season 2 recaps. Now, I know there were i couple I didn’t see (somehow deleted from Megavideo) but my Hebrew is quite good, and I seem to have missed a lot of details. Is it possibly I’ve been watching an abridged or !censored! version?

    Also, I am wondering if you ever did recaps on Season 1, I don’t see them anywhere!

  16. After watchinf 3 seasons of Srugim I finally found this blog. Im loving it. I LOVED the line about finding a pasuvk for Natis moms parochet. I am an artist and can’t wait to use it. I love the LOL moments. This was a good episode. They are not all that funny.

  17. um you definitely missed out on one thing…who the hell sends a job candidate’s handwriting to a graphologist? in israel? and even more, they predict that yifat has the jitters to going….

    • Back in the day it used to be pretty common to require a hand-written application for analysis when you applied for a job….or to get into a kibbutz — and even for a shidduch. Twenty years ago I taught with a woman who had to send a sample of her soon-to-be fiance’s handwriting to her parents in Israel. Lots of things stop me cold (as in “ma?”, accompanied by clicking on pause, so I can look something up) on srugim — but not this.

  18. Yup, my handwriting was analyzed back in the mid-80’s when I was applying to shapell’s …the analysis was I was a “good girl.”
    Also, I think “ken la’tzipor” is “tmol shilshom,” the books cafe downtown which has author nights ( name based on Agnon story I believe).

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