Srugim Season 3, Episode 6: Srugim goes on a coffee run

This episode made us sad, super sad, sleep all day and forget it’s shabbat sad. Luckily it’s mid-season so we must be on an upward arc. Right? Or will it get worse before it gets better? That said, Laizy we loved the pop culture references in this episode and we like that like us- all your pop culture knowledge comes from the mid-nineties. On the the recap…

Realer than Nati eating his feelings with saturated fat and sodium

That wedding musician with his soul bearing Baal Shem Tov niggun stepped out of the Carlbach moshav. We were waiting for him to offer them a special deal on pot.

Of course Hodaya’s class of girls were waiting outside to dance in a circle around her. Nothing is more exciting to teenage girls then simcha dancing and nothing is more annoying to someone over 30.

And Hodaya would totally blow Yifat off and then call her repeatedly on Shabbat and expect her to leave her meal to comfort her. Yifat- you’re an enabler! +60

Hodaya Land! Reut knows how to call it– keenest observations on the series of the show. +20

Those were some pretty invitations. +5

Reut’s work voice is awesome. She is all business all the time. She is our hero. +10

When Tehilla is going to dump him, Nati makes a Hail Mary pass and says he killed someone.  Are you really surprised? This guy used his own mothers death as a pickup line +100. Also Tehilla ate it up– hippie girls love damaged goods. +40

Plus +5 for consistency for Nati’s coffee order from past episodes, and how his lack of caring about foam shows his descent into the pit of despair.

Who is that doctor Nati talks to at the beginning? and why isn’t he a regular? #freshmeat +30

Nati is constantly getting an emotional beat down on this show, it is pretty hard to watch. We guess this is karma for being such an asshole. +20

Hahaha, bitchy judgey doctor commenting on Nati’s snack choices.. We like you, even if you ruined Nati’s life. +90

Yifat is super pissed that Amir has a job so low on the totem pole. Excited to see the cat fight between her and Reut. +10

Avri says he wants to walk down to “I will always love you.”  We died. He is the best, now and forever. +1,000

Amir’s speech about doing anything for the baby even cleaning garbage was so cute. Amir, will you be my baby daddy? +25

Ok, Hodaya’s freakout seemed totally real. We get her hesitation. She thought she would have it all figured out by the time she got married and she doesn’t. She was very perceptive when she says that she is most afraid that when she becomes a wife and mother she will stop searching. Because you know that’s true. +100 (But even though we get it, she can’t dump Avri, this is by far the best thing that will ever happen to her)

Faker than Reut not loving people making coffee for her

Seriously, wouldn’t Reut love that? Maybe she has a heart deep down inside. Wash.

Strignbean floppy hair guy didn’t get fired? Ugh, he still likes Reut clearly which he demonstrates with his annoyingly patronizing ways -10.

Azarya makes challah? Like he has a skill in real life? We don’t buy it. -15.

Hodaya didn’t have a song picked out? Are you kidding? Shayna has had for one a long time. I mean, that’s totally normal (cough cough erevshelshohanim cough cough even though its supersappy)  And like they would have agreed to that weird niggun.

Why does Yifamir never have anyone else over or at the least get invited out? Oh right, all their friends are major bums and or secular. -10.

We feel denied because that could have been some major Amir Reut awkward time, and we did not get to enjoy that. -10, but another five back for that coffee line, Amir. Nice work.

Wait, Yifat is happy? Sure surprised us. -10.

Man, when Dr. Brenner was crossed out of all the rotations, we wanted to cry. That was way harsh, Tai.

Hodaya kisses Avri in front of the ulpana? She must be begging for a talking to from Ulpana Tamar Ross. Maybe TR can talk some sense into her. STAT.

Amir was really good at being the secretary. Really good. What about that ego of his? Maybe this was his Devil Wears Prada Moment, and Reut is Meryl Streep. -10 for that lack of ego we came to know and love.

Hodaya’s Seinfeld reference was superb. Susan and George, that brought back some memories. But Hodaya grew up with the head of a yeshiva as a father, she never watched Seinfeld. We don’t buy it, but clearly Srugim hearts Seinfeld.

Overall this was a great episode. The problems seemed real and we are all about anxiety and depression. Also Israeli shows subtitled in the Spanish?

Thank you Internet. See you next week!


36 responses to “Srugim Season 3, Episode 6: Srugim goes on a coffee run

  1. Plus +5 to Shayna & Sarah for remembering what coffee Nati ordered 4 weeks ago. You two definitely deserve the “supreme srugim senioritas” title

    Also, my parents walked down the aisle to ערב של שושנים. In 1979.

    • as i told you earlier, it is not my fault camp ramah indoctrinated me with old zionist songs in my vulnerable youth. i didn’t even know that wasnt a contemporary israeli song until i was 18. true story.

      • I have yet to expose myself on your super site, but this made me need too. Old Zionist songs are my middle name. Love your work. You two make me want a PhD in Israeli television. And you redeemed an episode that did depress me for days. I was wondering why I felt so sleepy all week. Your admirer, Ilana B

      • for some reason ilana i cant reply to your comment but thanks!! we are flattered…=)

  2. I am guessing this is a review of Episode 6 (which I can’t find in streaming form).
    You vae it labeled it as Episode 5.
    I am trying to watch episode 1 of “Ahat, efes efes”, which I had never heard of before, but someone referred to it ion last episode’s recap comments. It’s on the youtube here

    I’m shocked, because it features Amos Tamam as a tough guy “Dirty Arik” cop and Zohar Strauss as a murderous mob boss. Way to not get typecast for the two nice guys of “Serugim”.

    Only prob is, the youtube version has no subtitiles (Hebrew subtitles that it), and I am not catching 100% of the dialogue.

    • this version has subtitles. !! enjoy. i really need to start watching. and laizy commented once that he did some anti type casting for the show, and amir was the best example as he usually plays the bad boy and isn’t in srugim. so this is true to amos tamam form in ehad efes efes.

      • I only knew of Amos Tamam from Serugim, actually—so I was unaware that he usually played “bad boy” roles, so I always thought of him as the nerdy, complacent guy.

        Anyway, as Master Thespian Jon Lovitz used to say…


    • Thank you Srugettes for the link to ehad efes efes with “koterot’.

      Now, I’ve noticed that you don’t disclose where you found Ep. 6 of Srugim–is it because you don’t want Laizy Shapira to get mad at you?

      BTW, I’ve noticed that mako/keshet as well as nana has offiicial, non-illegal streaming content available in North America…wonder why “Yes” doesn’t?

  3. ahhh, thanks! the internet is hard.

  4. Finally an episode with some emotional depth.Major improvement over episodes 1-5.However,how could someone not know it was shabbes on Friday night in Yerushalayim?That something is different?There’s even a chosid screaming “shabbes.”Highly implausible.Also,what happened to Reut’s lunch hour date with Azaryah and where did the “love” come from? Last I heard Reut didn’t want to be dated by Azaryah because it was too”taxing.”By the end of the episode the men have had the testosterone drained from them by their female colleagues..Amir is Reuti’s secretary-the woman who long ago rejected him.Nati is suspended from his prestigious surgical residency by his female superior.The highly regarded poet,Azaryah ben Atar is seen happily braiding Challeh for Shabbes!
    Lastly,Avery seems to be powerless as Hodayah grows ever more despondent.
    Maybe Nati should cosider joining his farfrumter brother in kollel in Ashdod.There’s a” Rivkie'”-like sem girl waiting for him,too.Then again,”killing” Mrs. Brenner might not be so bad if it gets him Tehilla’s love.That’s the report from “NatiLand.”
    By the way how was Tehilla’s halachic problem about dating resolved?This was the central theme just a short while ago and yet without benefit of Rabbinical intervention she’s having coffee with Nati. Realizing it was “done out of guilt” is not a halachic resolution.Sloppy stuff by the talmidei chachomim of “Srugim.”

  5. Hey Shayna & Sarah –
    You guys might also like “Ramzor” a series also starring Tali Sharon. It is a somewhat Seinfeld-esque comedy including a goofy guy like Kramer. And tali sharon is excellent as a hyper-competitive and aggressive PR person, wife and mom. I watched one episode in Israel this summer and then about 5 more episodes on the plane home and have recently been “back-watching” on youtube.

    Your comment on Reut’s business voice and on Hodayaland was excellent!

    • yes, i’ve seen a few and they are good. but last year fox did an american remake and it as horrible! The comedies never translate well to America but the dramatic ones– in treament, homeland– do.

    • @ Swimmer-mama:
      Yael Sharoni, who plays Yifat on Srugim, is the actress that’s on Ramzor. She’s a hard- charging, aggressive journalist, not a PR person as far as I know. It’s not a perfect comparison, but her husband Itziko is loosely a secular Amir with considerably less moral fortitude (but just as dominated in the marriage as he is). Amir and Yifat are in a honeymoon compared to the conflict that Itziko & Lilach have. But who do you see as “Kramer”: Hefer, the stoner serial-dater?

      By the way, Seasons 1 & 2 with English subtitles are available from Sifrutake & Steimatzky USA. Season 3 isn’t out yet as far as I know, but you can find some of the eps with Hebrew-only subtitles online with some searching.

      • Ah – Stuart – you are right – yes – it’s Yifat /Yael Sharoni that I meant.
        Oh – thought she was a PR person but maybe just from a couple episodes…
        Yeah – i thought Hefer was like a Kramer – just absurd and goofy…
        I need to backwatch 1 and 2 as it was season 3 that I watched while in Israel.

        Oh – yes – SB (Sarah?)- Homeland, along with Srugim is what I look forward to ALL week long!!! Sensational show

  6. Admittedly I haven’t yet seen most of Season 1, but I find Hodaya’s angst inadequately explained. She was studying ‘mikra’ mainly ‘lehargiz et Abba’. She didn’t like her identity as ‘bat haRav’ so she is in search of an alternative.

    Once she studied Bible criticism it’s not overly surprising she stopped believing in Torah miSinai, but what made her ‘finished’ with G-d?

    I pretty much assume someone who abandons religions does so out of philosophical confusion, major taavos, or disillusionment with their community upbringing (including those with unaddressed learning disabilities, abuse etc). Did we see any real explanation for what drove Hodaya? It wasn’t a taava for shrimp, and I am not sure that free love was her motivation either. There are plenty of strong, independent women in her community, so it can’t be that she thought she couldn’t ‘find herself’ if she stayed connected, could it?

    (BTW, is that standard DL lingo to take the name of Elokim in vain??? just wondering)???

    And, aderaba, Hodaya, if you marry the millionaire you have lots of scope to find yourself. Take art courses, philosophy, engineering, write poetry, whatever you want. Motherhood is not so all-encompassing that you can’t ‘find yourself’ when being supported and freed of the burdens of earning a living. Or is that what scares you?

    As for Nati, I alternating between seriously wanting him incarcerated for uncontrolled violence, and thinking that maybe there’s a drop of humanity in him after all…

    Amir is totally being responsible, nasty of Yifat not to be supportive! (I caught Amir on youtube in a series of clips of various other shows, and in one he is such an Elvis! No?)

  7. HAve you seen this clip which wasn’t included in the final cut of episode 6?
    Pretty cool

  8. ALERT! New Amos Tamam series filming now – “Shvita”

  9. 2 childhood friends who work in a factory in the south –

  10. Ramzor is a really great comedy series.”Yifat” is a brilliant actress. However,in the area of drama, Hatufim has got to be the best. It’s about kidnapped Israeli soldiers who are released in a prisoner exchange[like the Shalit deal].It’s top notch but gets pretty graphic at times.Available on the internet with Hebrew subtitles.

  11. “Who is that doctor Nati talks to at the beginning? and why isn’t he a regular? #freshmeat +30”
    shame on you Shayna – he is Dr. shooki and he appears in both previous seasons

  12. “Homeland” on Showtime is the American version of “Hatufim”. Gideon Raff the creator of Hatufim is one of the Executive Producers and writers of Homeland.

  13. Admittedly, I missed most of season 1, so did I miss the development of Hodaya’s leaving religion? As far as I can see, most do this because of philosophical dilemmas, taavos, or possibly unaddressed learning disabilities or abuse that causes them to become disillusioned with their community. We know she was not pulled by the need to eat shrimps…

    So why is she rebelling? We know that Hodaya studied bible criticism ‘lehargiz et Abba’, though we never hear why she wants to hurt him – her attempt to video birthday wishes seems to come through as affectionate. Okay, she doesn’t like her identity as ‘bat haRav’ but why does that compel her to leave religion altogether? It’s not like there is no place for a strong, independent woman in her circles. (Studying bible criticism could have caused her to lose faith in Torah miSinai, but why would that make her lose all faith in G-d?)

    (BTW is that normal DL lingo to take the name of Elokim in vain?)

    As for finding herself, she is so silly. Marrying a millionaire is the best way to have time & space to explore anything you want. Even being an imma is less time consuming (unless you’re of the attachment-parenting type) than being compelled to earn a living.

    Am I the only one who finds this unsatisfying?

    • I agree with you that there are many emotional”black-holes” in the personalities of the major characters.Does anyone feel the Yifat-Amir relationship to be satisfying even well into season3?I don’t know very many couples in real life who are so out of sync with each other.You’re right that we really don’t know what’s eating Hodayah.I’ve learnt not to expect too much in the realm of psychological character development but I remain intrigued by a series whose main characters are frum,more or less,and by the comedic overlay that occasionally will bring a smile to my face[Nati’s gornisht mit gornisht notation.]Also,more than one majorhalachic faux-pas has been committed but I’ll leave that for another time.

  14. I want to watch this episode but I cant find it online. does anyone have the link?

  15. I’ve noticed some visitors arriving from this post to my blog “TV Israelí Subtitulada en Español”. Thank you for adding a link. I would love to translate Srugim and other series to Spanish, but contrary to comedy, translating a drama series requires continuity and lots of free time, which saddly I don’t have. I hope I can do it in the future.

    • Where can I find the first season of “Avodah Aravit”? I watched the second season but couldn’t find the first. Thanks

  16. Apologies for my duplicate post. Not seeing my post up there for a couple of days, I rewrote it. Shayna, feel free to delete one (if they allow you to do such things).

  17. Hi Shayna and/or Sarah – is it possible for you to email me? Wanted to ask about something off-line?

    • Thanks. Do you have episode 6 also?

    • Lacosta, thanks for getting everyone the link every episode. Really appreciate it every time.

      For some reason, many of us have not seen the 6th episode because it had been taken down or restricted from your previous link. Any chance you know where to find it?

      Again, thanks for all your help : )

  18. Friends, after following a tedious series of steps I have actually merited to watch the entire S01 E01. (I am doing my best to watch only 1 Episode per day lest my entire life be put on hold…) And guess what! I think, if I am not mistaken, there’s a cameo role for Laizy, called Manny, as in the recent shaliach who advised Amir to look into a shlichut to Chu”l.

    For those who are unable or unwilling to spend the $$ for the dvds, here’s what you do:
    There’s a search bar on the main tvnetil page. Enter סרוגים and the links for the different seasons show up.
    srugim first season –
    srugim second season –
    on each page click on the link for the specific episode. Then copy and paste the shem hashichrur into the search bar on
    This will give you various sites where you can download the episode. Please report back which ones worked for you!

  19. hello does anyone remember in which episode odaya rebels during a meeting in school about a hzor le tchouva speech to the girls?
    thank you

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