Srugim Season 3 Episode 11: Srugim Buys the Farm

Well, this episode gave us the return of Roi! It was sad, it was great, there was some steamy hand holding with Reut. Meanwhile, Hodaya gets busy on the radio with Azarya, and Amir continues to audition for The Men Who Stare at Goats part II. On to the recap!

Realer than Roi and RIvka knowing the words to Balbeli Oto
Who is the the radio producer guy?  He is super hot. More please. +15.
Lo shishi v’lo Shabbat. This needs to be copyrighted stat. +25

Balbeli Oto! great song choice. +50 no, really we love that song.

There is always one person in the break room who is Rosh Yenta and we like that Hadassa has been appointed to play that role at the ulpana. +50

We like this Kobi Abarbanel poem, even if Hodaya reads it. +15.

Roi! +80 But why must this be men who hurt Reut day? Sigh.

Also, Roi, we forgot how hot you are. +10

That point where Reut grabbed Roi’s hand and we were like oh he’s charedi now what will he do and then he reciprocated was super, super cute. +20.

While everyone thinks they have real proteksia, it takes a real man to admit his days have passed. Well done, Rav. +15.

What’s all this symbolism about the clogged sink? Is something wrong in Yifamir land? Whatever it is, we like that Rabbi Goldhirsch fixed it. +25

Rivki is so cute. Too bad your husband is so gay. +10

Of course the best protexsia for fixing issues with the IDF is having your crazy wife call and yell at the commander. Oh, Israel. +15

Oh man, that Nati-Roi conversation is dripping with subtext. Hot subtext. +100

Yeah Reut, you throw out those books! Keter Ltehila, no longer. +150.

Roi and Nati had the best bro hug ever in the hospital. We love it. Bromance! +50

Ok, we don’t like Tehila, but that scene at the end with her and Nati was kind of hot. Or, Shayna just wishes she was with Nati. Sigh. +25

Faker than Hodaya’s radio career

You have a boyfriend right? HAD. Hodaya, you are a bucket of sketch. -100.Of course Reut is mad!! hos before bros!!! -100, even though Baruch Hashem Reut realizes she should be glad smelly poet is gone.’
Azarya as part of a teacher seminar at an Ulpana. How exactly would this happen? -20
But clearly like every substitute teacher he has nothing planned and just made up an writing exercise to save him from actually teaching.  Also, Ulpana Tamar Ross clearly has the hots for him.
Really, this many people listen to talk radio? Doesn’t everyone just use pandora or spotify or whatever? It’s not 1985, people.-10.
Azarya not hitting on Hodaya. -90 Maybe this is the slow con.

“I don’t want to understand, I want to feel.” This is why one should never date Artists. -100

Those flashbacks as Hodaya told Yifat the story were a little weird/bold editorial choice. When did Srugim become How I Met Your Mother? -10

Roi, wandering around Jerusalem for five hours? Take a cab to Reut, bro. -10.

We really hoped there would be an ulpana catfight. -5.

We are not sure how to read this trip to Rosh Pina. But since it’s Azarya, it’s probably bad. -15.

Also, why does no one use their phone? What if Reut was eating her pain with Rolladin croissants at work when Roi came stumbling in? -25

Amir- get your house in order!!! There is no way Yifat would let you get away with that shit. -50 But bonus points for Hodaya just pointing out that Yifat needs help, but not actually offering any.

Yifat, the charedi ladies are not pleased with Amir’s absence. Take their approval seriously. We do. -30.

AZARYA has a radio show where he gives people advice!!! The man who drinks half the day and can’t afford electricity -one million!!!!

Reut entering the ulpana in pants. Ulpana Tamar Ross should have been all up on that. -50

Who is that old guy with Amir and Ariel? Why does nothing make sense? -10

Hodaya totally does not see why this might hurt Reut in anyway. This makes sense. We may have forgotten but Hodaya is a selfish bitch, which she has proven time and time again. Even when Reut is apologizing Hodaya just nods because she has no concept that what she wants to do right at that moment isn’t the right thing. Ughhh, this is somehow extremely frustrating for us. No points, just emotions.

Hodaya having a radio career. Even the ulpana teachers assume she must be sleeping her way to the top. -80

Everyone on this show sucks at lying. Yifat, Nati, everyone. Just stop doing it. -40.

However,  we kind of liked when Yifat yelled things about protecting the country and cut the convo short into the phone because it was so ridiculous. To her, of course appearances are more important than actually speaking with your goat loving husband. She even tells her fetus that Amir is in reserves. -30

Hodaya, if you want to get involved with Azarya, you better get used to you leaving and him ignoring you. Welcome to his world, you just have a supporting role. -15

Floppy string bean give it up! Either he is the biggest idiot of life or a secret genius and is trying to undermine her confidence because she is his competition. -5

Why is Reut pushing Roi to stay in the closet?  She wears jeans, she must be openminded -90

Amir it’s true. We don’t know how hard it is to get service. You are a hero. -50

Nati is just getting more and more awesome. It’s freaking us out. Him sitting with Rivka and trying to distract her and then when he doesn’t even yell at Roi but just hugs him on his way out– hearts are melting. BUT WHY ARE YOU WITH TEHILA???? -20

Just for repetition- Hodaya is the most selfish person on earth.

Finally, some more re: the big Roi-union. Roi is clearly struggling with his feelings, and still thinking about men. And while it’s great that everyone is so supportive, we can’t help thinking that it’s all doomed to failure, a la Gay Meir of last season. But we do love babies and Rivka is so cute, we want it to work! Sigh. Roi, get some therapy, it’s not your fault! We have a feeling this story isn’t over yet.

Until next week!


64 responses to “Srugim Season 3 Episode 11: Srugim Buys the Farm

  1. This begs the question – why can’t Amir and Yifat just text each other?? Israelis love SMS, no?

    • Israelis also love reception, which if it doesn’t exist hamper text messeges just as much as it does actual phonecalls. Sure Yifamir would get them eventually, but the delay will be too big for a steady flow of information. I’m more confused as to why isn’t there a landline anywhere nearby.

  2. Oh, and what was up with that song Yifat sang at the end – made up? What kind of food was she talking about?

    • Ba’nu lamiluim was a song that was around in the late 60’s. I think it was recorded at about the same time as Naomi Shemer’s Yerushalayim shel Zahav. The words: באנו למילואים (We came to miluim)
      חשבנו לעשות חיים(We thought we’d have fun)
      נתנו לנו עוזי(They gave us an Uzi)
      ואוכל ווז-ווזי(And vuz-vuz /Ashkenzi food)
      באנו למילואים (We came to miluim…)

      • Here are the rest of the lyrics:

        באנו למילואים
        חשבנו עושים חיים
        נתנו לנו עוזי, אוכל ווזווזי
        באנו למילואים
        נתנו לנו עוזי, אוכל ווזווזי
        באנו למילואים

        רב הסמל אמר
        צריך לעשות מסדר
        אז תיכף עמדנו, תיכף צעדנו
        רב הסמל אמר
        אז תיכף עמדנו, תיכף צעדנו
        רב הסמל אמר

        אמר שצריך לחפור
        חפרנו בבוקר בור
        ושמה, אינשאללה, נישן כל הלילה
        אמר שצריך לחפור
        ושמה, אינשאללה, נישן כל הלילה
        אמר שצריך לחפור

        אז באו היתושים
        קטנים, א-מה מסוכנים
        סתמנו אוזניים, עקצו בעיניים
        אז באו היתושים
        סתמנו אוזניים, עקצו בעיניים
        אז באו היתושים

        יצאנו מתוך הבור
        אם נאצר כל כך גיבור
        יופיע בלילה – יאללה, אינשאללה
        יפול הוא לתוך הבור
        יופיע בלילה – יאללה, אינשאללה
        יפול הוא לתוך הבור
        יפול הוא לתוך הבור (אינשאללה)
        יפול הוא לתוך הבור

    • I’m not familiar with that particular song, but it sounds like a generic “bitching” song miluimnikim sing to pass the time. I’ve heard a million like that. And the food she’s referring to isn’t an actual kind of food – it’s just slang for “crappy” food, as in the kind you get when you spend a coupld of weeks parked on a hill somewhere and all the food is delivered from the nearest base’s kitchen. Brr.

      • I’m familiar with that song from the movie “Ha Lehaka”, which I saw like 24 years ago while I was a volunteer at a kibbutz with a bunch of nachlaim who were doing hakhshara

    • now a fan! thanks for letting us know

    • One thing I just noticed – we finally find out Hodaya’s last name by reading his promotion of the radio show from Wednesday’s (1/4) post. It’s “Greenstein”.

      • No, I don’t think so! When Hodaya’s mom came visiting Yifat, I believe Yifat called her “Rabbanit Bucharin” (which sounds quite Sefardi to me, if we want to be confused…)

      • Here’s what Azariyah FB page says:
        מחר התוכנית הכי נשמעת ברדיו- לא שישי לא שבת איתי עזי עזריה בן עטר המשורר של ירושלם בירתנו
        מחר תהיה האורחת הודיה גרינשטיין,

        Maybe it’s a fake name and “Bucharin” is her actual name? Or Azariyah has it wrong. He may not have seen season 2:-).

        BTW, if that’s her real last name, the name’s ironic because one of the famous early Bolshevik intellectuals (later a Soviet politician before he fell victim to Stalin’s Great Purge) was Nicholai Bukharin. He wasn’t Jewish as far as I know though.

      • Well, Episode 14 confirms Hodaya’s last name not as Greenstein, and not as “Bukharin”, but as “Brukhin”

  3. “Why is Reut pushing Roi to stay in the closet? She wears jeans, she must be openminded”

    Because he’s already married and has a baby on the way (which raises other interesting questions I’m going to completely ignore), so coming out for him is now an option which will hurt a lot more people than it will help. There was a time and place for coming out and actually dealing with his issues. That time was called Season 2. Since instead he’s elected to run away, immerse himself in a fundementalist environment and pretend his problems don’t exist, I’d say that time is long passed. Surely Reut sees that.

    By the way, I liked the exchange between Rivka and Nati: “You never had a cat.”
    “Good try.”

  4. Is there any news from Israel regarding the Srugim Season 3 DVD box-set release date?

  5. Why is everyone hating on Tehillah? Seriously my favourite character and possibly my besheret as well.

    • we don’t like her, but defend her in the comments! explain your love. we consider all arguments.

    • I don’t actually hate her as much as I dislike her. She’s coming off as a poseur (“she only dates poets.” Blech), and I think she marked Nati early on as the kind of guy who only chases what he can’t have since he perceives it as a challenge, and decided from then on to be that challenge. I actually didn’t have a problem with her rejecting Nati, who was coming on way too strong. until he finally gave up, and the very next episode she calls him, I think that pretty much exposes all of her previous attempts to shake him off as shallow and manipulative (a neder? Seriously? Who does that?) Now maybe Nati deserves some humilty, maybe not, but I can’t find any sympathy for a character which uses and manipulates other people’s feelings towards them. It’s the same reason I couldn’t stand Nati back in Season One.

      • “she only dates poets.” –
        but she didn’t say that
        “a neder? Seriously? Who does that?”
        a BT?
        I don’t know, I think she’s sweet. And I really don’t find it manipulative to forget about arranging for your plants to be watered. Also, she offered to have Mom do it (where does Mom live?) But perhaps subliminally she wants Nati to snoop & find her out. Interestingly, I went to look up להציץ cause I was sure she was telling him not to peek at her stuff, but she was saying להציץ – not to flood the plants! Perhaps Freudian?

  6. Here’s a glimpse of the ‘real’ Tehilah, from the teaser for Ep12:פרקים/47196.html#.TwQZJaq0XT4.facebook

    Hard to believe that there’s only four eps left this season. If this is the final season (as has been hinted on some of the FB sites), they’ve got a lot to cover.

  7. Why? Because she went let Nati touch her but bear-hugs that guy from her previous incarnation? If you watched “Chaim Acherim” it kind of reminded me of the scene when Yakir’s girlfriend asks him why he won’t touch her but has no problem touching all the female dancers with whom he dances and he said something like “with them it doesn’t mean anything, with you it does”

    • Assuming that was addressed to me – no, it wasn’t the bear-hug, although obviously I raised my eyebrows and the fact it came literally seconds after pushing Nati away certainly reinforces the poseur image. It was the fact that she’s been seeing Nati for weeks now, maybe months, and hadn’t even bothered telling him she’s chozeret betshuvah and that Tehila isn’t even her real name! Either she’s ashamed of her previous life or she just doesn’t care enough about her own boyfriend to tell him basic facts about herself. Remember, the friend had no clue about any of this, meaning this had to have been a fairly recent transition, not something that happened ages ago. Join this with the fact the scene literally starts with her manipulating Nati into watering her plants while she’s away (can you say “whipped”?) and you pretty much have everything I said about Tehila wrapped with a neat bow tie.

      • What was that previous name? I couldn’t catch it…

      • Previous name sounded like “Gaea” (Greek goddess of the earth).

      • OK – maybe. For some reason I thought I remembered a scene where Tehilla and Nati were taking a walk and she tells him that she’s a chozeret b’tshuva.

      • It’s not necessarily Gaia. Maybe it’s the feminine of Guy. Or גאה – as in Proud?

      • Nope it’s Gaea from Greek mythology. There’s a scene where Nati asks Azariyah her name in Ep12, and he tells him that her name came from the Greek goddess.

      • Yeah, def. Gaia, and it’s a pretty “avoda zara” -nik sounding name for frummies–(although plenty of other traditional and modern Hebrew names also have nature meanings)–Gaia is a super-New Agey name favored by Wiccan types who are rebelling against the Patriarchy

        They want to show she’s not just from a secular background, but has real hippy yichus

      • * hippie, even.

        Hippy refers to someone’s hips….and she’s not that hippy.

  8. re the miluim song. It dates back to the ’67 war (doesn’t everyone own the Jerusalem of Gold album?) and was a satire of reserve life. Ochel Vuzvuzi refers to the bland Eastern European (vuzvuz in slang, coming from the Yiddish “vus?”) food that was prevalent in the army in those days. Very outdated, now most army food is Moroccan-spiced and yummy.

    • Wow, thanks for that info. The song has been sitting in the back of my head for like 40 years, & I never thought to try to find out what vuzvuzi meant….

      • SarahG – I never thought to try to find out what vuzvuzi meant….

        I’ve also listened to the song for close to 40 years (BTW, the songs of the 6-day war album is one of my favorites), but the first time I ever saw the lyrics was yesterday (see above). In my mind, I always heard something akin to “bizbuzi” and translated it as “waste food” or “food that’s a waste” 🙂

      • I thought it was Ochel uzvuzi (something like a zvuv? which wouldn’t make any kind of sense. Your guess is at least a bit more logical. Glad we all finally found out what it really means!

  9. By the way, on the meta level, having draft-dodger Mali Levy playing someone completely clueless about any military-related business – simply too perfect. I had to pause the scene for a few seconds to get my breath back.

  10. Since one of the Srugettes mentioned Hodaya’s bust size, I feel the following is not out of order. Has anyone noticed that outside of Nitzan,[Nati’s old girlfriend] none of the female actresses are really attractive [I’m being diplomatic]? What gives here? Is there a subliminal message that religious girls just aren’t pretty?Is there a non-too-subliminal message that Israeli girls just aren’t very pretty?

    • Interesting – cuz’ I always marvel (for lack of a better word) at how many popular Israeli actors and actresses are not good looking – I don’t think that would ever fly in the US

    • I don’t know, I thought that Michal (Nati’s psychologist date, and ex of Amir’s, in Season 2) was hot. And chilonit Hodaya is sexy at times, as is Reut.

    • YMMV widely on this one. I personally feel most of the actresses are very pretty and attractive, just not in a supermodel\teen soap way. That’s good on several levels – they look and speak like people you can believe actually exist, and not taking gorgeous Bar Refaeli-type models not only drastically increases the believability factor, but the chances of finding good, solid actresses (and actors). Trust me, I’ve seen Refaeli act, if you want to call it that, and I’d rather watch Yael Sharoni act over her any day. In my opinion, all three regular actresses in particular can and do look amazing, although their natural beauty was toned down a bit for the show for a more believable feel.

      On a side note. it’s always interesting to me the see reactions of American viewers on the show, which is the main reason I went looking for English-language reviews and found this site in the first place. For some reason some Americans tend to assume the show should basically be an American drama in Hebrew. Israel has a long histoty of film and television industries that evolved quite differently that in the US. There are no major prodcution studios in Israel. The film industry began as completely independent films (many still are) and later got government cultural sponsorship (which is why local filmmakers don’t care about ticket sales, but that’s another issue), while the television industry only started in 1968 and was limited to a single state channel for more than 20 years. Even when commercial channels and later cable entered the picture, the patterns were already well established – tiny budgets, a small acting pool that mostly comes from the theater. Soaps aside, Israeli actors are usually chosen for their range, not their looks, and the narrative doesn’t bother telling well-defined stories but instead focuses on and character traits and emotions. Action is more or less nonexistant, comedy relies either on inside jokes or on impersonations, drama is heavy on character development but often doesn’t bother providing any resolution or sometimes even a coherent story, instead prefering to “live in the moment”, as it were.
      This is not a critique of either Israeli or American TV, I’m just pointing out the differences.

      • You seem to hint that there may be an Israeli-Hebrew review of Srugim similar to this site. Can we have a link?

  11. A tidbit to tide you over until the next perek: The guy who played Amir’s rabbi from his old yeshiva (Avraham Mor) also plays Amos Tamam’s father on Achat Efes Efes, and also visited Amos’ character on Asfur when Amos was hospitalized. So no wonder Amir was so upset that Kvod harav didn’t remember him!

  12. Since we’re nearing” closing time” for the series,I’d be interested in who the chevrah thinks were the best actor and actress. My choice: Amir for the seen with the Rosh Yeshiva in his old school and Yifat for the scene where she quits working for Nitzan.Truth be said,there were very few real dramatic scenes this season,so there were equally few opportunities for the cast to “shine…”

  13. “Also, Roi, we forgot how hot you are. +10”
    No we didn’t!! And I find it frustrating and depressing that he was cast as such a hopeless character. You can’t even enjoy watching him because he’s doomed to a miserable.

    “That point where Reut grabbed Roi’s hand and we were like oh he’s charedi now what will he do and then he reciprocated was super, super cute. +20.”
    I was actually annoyed at her for not being respectful of his choices. I thought it was rude.

    Which brings me to a different thought. Although we have our token datlash on the show there hasn’t been a single character who is shomer negiah in practice as well as in theory – not even Yochai from Kiryat Moshe (though I thought that scene was a little farfetched and ridiculous). Is that reflective of the community being represented, or is that just because it’s a TV show? Also, does yichud not exist at all in the lite community – even by someone like Amir?

    • I always saw it as a sort of criticism on the creators’ part, on the way the “policy-makers” of the dati-leumi sectors are completely out of touch which how members of the community behave and interact – women wear pants without a second thought, tzniut isn’t held in high regard, shmirat negia is never brought up, no yichud as you said and a lot of talking about very intimate stuff between friends of the opposite sex who are not romantically involved, not to mention lots of dating and marriage relatively late in life. Laizy said at one point this was part of the intention behind the show: both to portray datiyim as “normal” people with normal interactions instead of the usual stereotypes as well as pointing out the differences between halachic obligations and real life, which is too complex to be contained this way. From the way my dati leumi friends behave, not the mention the insane enthusiasm for the show within the dati leumi sector who keep praising their accurate portrayal, I’d say the interactions are more or less realistic.

      • To TV Guy – Portraying two thirty-plus adults as being shomer-negiah and dating for months cannot possibly be realistic.

      • Okay, I’d like to hear from some authentic DL’s – what is your criteria for an acceptable neckline? (You can see an extensive discussion on this here: I am surprised at the dress of some of the supposedly datiyot – and particularly those hired by our friend Chaya! She seems pretty liberal in the dress code she allows here staff, no?

        Remember back when Yifat refused Nati a hug (Rishon, lo magia lecha, vesheinit, ani lo noga’at bebanim)? She definitely ‘litened up’ thereafter, no?

        And Roi holding Reut’s hand? No, really not so believable. When they ‘interacted’ (thank you, Laizy, for not going into the details) so he could prove to himself that he could be attracted to a woman, I could almost hear a Rov giving him a heter. But now that he’s married with a pregnant wife? No, sorry, I find it hard to buy.

    • Amir? Who totally ignored hilchos yichud with regard to the chupat niddah? Okay, anyone can do teshuva but this was a bit shocking to me…

      • Yeah. I didn’t get that either. But that doesn’t really count ’cause there he was clearly intimidated by Yifat who’s been calling the shots in their relationship from day one. If it would have been up to him they would’ve done it right.
        I guess my question really is – 1)are there simply inconsistencies in the plot, or 2) are all of the characters slipping a bit religiously as we progress from the beginning of season one to the end of season 3 or 3) is all of it an accurate, consistent reflection of the community being represented? Some examples that come to mind – Yifat, who was really annoyed at the beginning of season one when Hodaya let her date spend the night in their apartment, let Amir sleep over when he missed the last bus (from Maale Elisha?) even when it was just the 2 of them in the house. Is Yifat’s head covering where more than a tefach is showing, consistent with someone who wouldn’t drink her coffee when she mixed it with the wrong spoon, sifts her flour, and checks her eggs (and whose husband learns in kollel:))? And what is it that has moved Reut from not wearing jeans to wearing them? And why has everybody stopped making brachot? It seems like Laizy was much more careful about that in season one and by season three it’s nonexistent. Curious about all these details.

  14. Am I the only one who noticed a timing problem? Rivki said she had a miscarriage 3 months ago at 12 weeks so they need to be married for at least 6 months. Yet, Yifat announced her pregnancy at the Sheva Brachot and said she is 4 months pregnant. She is now 7 months pregnant…
    In general, this season is going nowhere. Especially in the past few episodes. No progressing story, no character building. Just silly unrelated situations.

  15. Yifat’s pregnancy looks very authentic. I understand she had a baby in the off-season. Do you think they shot these scenes then? ‘Cause it looks way too real to be a pillow, no? (Maybe that’s why she said “abba bemiluim” – maybe that was the idea originally & it was later changed to goat ranch?)

  16. What is with dossinet and next episode? All I get when I search is two old episodes, and this comment, which is too technical for my linguistical skills. Please tell me it doesn’t mean uploads are suspended on threat of losing one’s account?

    בעקבות פעילות אכיפת זכויות יוצרים מטעם ארגון זכויות היוצרים “זירה” הוסרו התכנים הבאים סדרות ישראליות,סרטים ישראלים,ותוכני מקור ישראליים שהם בבעלות ארגון זירה, כל משתמש שיעלה תוכן כלשהוא מהתכנים שצויינו יורחק מיידית לצמיתות מהאתר!!! לפרטים נוספים ניתן לפנות במייל:

  17. dossinet seemst to out for the count, fortunately, we can still get our fix at :

  18. * hippie, even.

    Hippy refers to someone’s hips….and she seems pretty slim-hipped.

  19. Re: litfos et hashamayim, try
    (or you can search for any other program on
    you get a list of links, each of which you can plug in to, which brings up a list of sites that have the download. Many of them want you to join etc etc but I find filefactory usually works (although it makes you wait longer & longer after you decipher the ‘bot-screening ‘type this’ stuff) & fileflyer often does.

  20. Whoops. sorry, put that in the wrong place, belongs under Ep 12

  21. Why on earth did no one visit that poor woman in hospital?

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