Srugim Season 3 Episode 14: Srugim has a first born masculine child

Well, wow. Shortest Engagement Ever? It seems so. Tehila goes back to Azarya after dumping a weepy Nati, and SRUGIM SPAWN IS BORN while Amir is playing with goats. Of course. But Reut, the only responsible one of the whole show, holds down the fort. Baruch. Hashem. To the penultimate recap!!
Realer than pregnant ladies with ice cream

AVSHALOM KOR. WE LOVE YOU. LEARNING ABOUT YOU IN OUR HEBREW CLASS MADE THIS ALL WORTH IT. But, seriously, this guy is amazing. Roots on demand? Psukim off the top of your head? Best. Cameo. Ever.

Also, he stops for women in labor. Avshalom, we love you.

For all of you who don’t know about the awesomeness of Avshalom, see here and
Also, plus another million for Reut not believing him until he told her the hebrew word for internet, which Shayna only knew because of Brandeis’ Revival of Modern Hebrew. Thank you, liberal arts education.

Haha, this episode was called Had Gad Ya. +10

“Your wife is in labor.”  “Yifat?” “No, your wife Bilha.” Oh Nati, nice work paying attention in kita aleph chumash class.

Ulpana Tamar Ross doesn’t have an issue with eroticism? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA. +1 million

Also, we like the idea of someone complaining (a parent, preferably) that Hodaya read dirty poems on the radio. +10

Of course Nati and Azarya’s freezer has nothing in it but some frozen veggies. +25 for realism.

Why use ice cube trays when you can break the ice of your frozen over freezer? Delicious. We would say that this is a sign of desperation but it just as easily could be standard behavior for our favorite alcoholic poet. Either way, +50.

Azarya needs no reason for a l’chaim. Ever.  +100

Azarya paid for his section of arnona? That IS cause for a celebration. +50 but maybe minus ten because would it ever really happen? unclear.

Needing to pee is such a good excuse to get out of everything! We are totally going to steal that. +10, Nati.

Do you want a sandwich? Why Not? Wise decision, Azarya. Never turn down a free sandwich. +10.

Always trust  Fayge and Chani. They have for sure had at least 10 kids each, and lost the baby weight. They know what is up. +10. Another + 5 for Shloymi Zalaman.

Yifat’s conversation with that little kid was perfect, from the dripping to the offering of the half eaten ice cream cone. Only in Israel would a pregnant lady with her water breaking offer you her half eaten ice cream cone,  and only in Israel would you consider eating it after you had the chutzpah to ask what flavor it is.  +75

Light Rail!!! +10. We honestly never thought that thing would run. Ever.

When Amir goes to search for a random kid, he’s just like midrash where Moshe rescues a sheep!! Proving that he is capable of leading the Jewish people! +25 (Except for the minor fact that he is ignoring his wife, of course.)

We were going to say that Amir’s Arabic is not that bad, but then we realized we had ZERO ability to judge this. So Arabic speaking readers, please weigh in so we can assign points. However, we will say it was nice that the random boy helped him. Coexistence!!!

Reut and Hodaya said they are Yifat’s mother and grandmother. Well done, team. Well done. +200

When Reut calls Nati and says your stupid friend is in the desert and his wife is in labor and he says what do you want from me, we LOVE the look of realization that washes over him as he realizes that he’s about to drive to the Negev. Sucks to be the one with a car. +40

Haahaha, Nati with the goats. hahaha. Poor guy deserves a medal after this episode. +50 because we would like to see the goats snuggle with Nati. That would be cute.

Don’t think we don’t notice that Amir and Yifat didn’t touch after she gave birth. She’s Nida!! Way to observe (a rather frustrating) halacha. +15.

Azarya randomly skips his radio show when he decides to get back together with Tehila. Of course. +50

Reut was wearing a super cute outfit this episode. +25

When Amir listens to Hodaya on the radio and she plays that cute song (anyone remember what it is called?) and Amir starts crying, we almost forgave him for those dumb goats. Almost.+10

Hodaya is obviously good about randomly blubbering about nothing and reading poems. It is her, personified. +60

Of course it’s completely normal to call your ex fiance in the middle of the night to tell him your friends had a baby. But whatever, if this means more Avri, we will take it. Gladly. +40

Faker than preemies being that cute

Seriously, most preemies look like aliens. But it’s TV and all babies must be cute, soo..wash.

How is Hodaya in any way qualified to teach geography? Unclear. But we like this “should I be a radio broadcaster or stay in my job where I actually have some stability?” Not hard to predict this one, folks. -10 but if you marry Avri you never have to worry about money again so…wash!!

Yifat, you made your pregnant fetus listen to classical music. And you aren’t rushing to the hospital at the first signs of labor two months early? For Shame.

Of course Hodaya ditches the Hospital. Like we had any doubt about who was actually responsible here. -10

Oh yes the parochet. Didn’t we all acknowledge it was a cheap ploy to get Tehilla’s attention. Why is Nati still pretending to care? -7

Ok, the whole conceit of the Nati-Tehilla-Azarya situation is so ridiculous. There is no way they wouldn’t have told Azarya sooner. Hasn’t he wondered (aka facebook stalked) what Tehilla has been up to? -10

On that note, we are dying to find out what that conversation between Tehila and Azarya was like.  “I’m engaged to Nati. Why don’t you be with me instead? I am way crazier. Ok.” We request your re-enactments in the comments.

Also it is kinda awful for Nati to be pretending that nothing is up when Tehilla calls. His
expressions are really amazing here and the hiding the hammer was fabulous. But its a pretty dick move. (of course karma’s a bitch)

An ARAB. This is pretty much the first time the show has acknowledged they exist. What was he doing there? This is upsetting our whole narrative of the state of Israel. -30

Tehilla is the type of girl who lives for these big dramatic scenes. And Azarya will provide them for her for the rest of their lives. It was so obvious what was going to happen, but it was so incredibly painful to watch.  Ohad Knoller’s acting was outstanding as he took us through Nati’s stages of grief.

Seriously, when Nati cries, our heart breaks. SO SAD.

Nati’s dad! He is the best. And his wife is making couscous like any good French lady. That scene made us cry. -10

Let’s get this straight. Amir loses a goat, on his search for him there is a rainbow, he finds the dead goat and makes a heastone/altar for it, its starts to rain and then Nati comes to tell him Yifat is in labor. So either Amir and Yifat’s baby is Moshiach or the anti-Christ– we are not sure which one.

Shit, Nati just got his heartbroken and now he has to go on a road triip. Why did he even answer his phone. This is why there is caller ID. -8

Ulpana Tamar Ross told Hodaya since she doesn’t have a family, she better concentrate on her career so she has something to look forward to. Don’t you love when marrieds talk to singles like that? We needed another reminder we had no meaning in our lives -40

Why did Tehila ever, ever say yes? She sucked at faking being excited THE WHOLE TIME. UCH. -one billion

Didn’t it seem at first as if Amir didn’t really want to leave the farm? He was like oh my wife is in labor? I should go to her, but Nati basically needed to push the keys into his hands. -90

Of course Hodaya has no idea what it’s like to be a mother! She has never been responsible for anything, ever. But nice song choice on the radio. -20.

Oy, Reut is alone when she wakes up at the hospital bed after helping Yifat through childbirth becasue Amir is a dumbass. Reut you are way to good to be friends with the rest of these clowns. You need to use this opportunity to break out on your own and DO YOU.

Yeah, the screams from maternity ARE that bad. And it just goes downhill from there. -50

The song at the credits is by Neshama Carlbach and the Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir -1,000 for us even having to write that.

Next week is the end. We can’t lie we have a lot of anxiety about Reut and Nati. We hope they get a happy ending. Because God knows they deserve it more than Hodaya! In the comments let us know what Israeli TV show we should recap next (if any). Shalom V’Lhitraot.

32 responses to “Srugim Season 3 Episode 14: Srugim has a first born masculine child

  1. the sweet song: תן לי יד by chava alberstein

  2. Yeah, Amir’s Arabic is not that bad 🙂

  3. Is there still time this season for Tehilla to find a sofa in the street and reconcile with Nati?Whatever happened to Yifat’s brother and Hodaya?Was he really an alien?Will Hodaya succeed Yair Lapid on the evening news?Does Angel’s Bakery sell the brownies that make so-called writers do this to their loyal viewers? Do the Brownies have “Edah” hasgacha?When Moshiach comes all questions will be answered.

  4. The scene with Amir making a grave marker for the dead baby goat was a perfect bookend to the opening scene for his adventure in the midbar, where he finds the lost baby goat and brings it back the to farm. I think this is supposed to show that he is ready to resume his real life with Yifat and baby and that he did not forget himself while on the farm.

    Great recap for a great episode.

    Do you have a post-Srugim project lined up?

  5. Episode 15 now available on YouTube

  6. Oh, Reut, how my heart breaks for you. First being woken up in the middle of the night by your sister saying she is going back to her idiot husband after you turn your life upside down taking care of her and her baby. Then waking up in the middle of the night, to find your friend, whom you have just helped through labor, being all sweet with her idiot husband. She just looks so defeated. As if she knows that even if she is the best sister/friend in the world, she is still not someone’s #1. I hope the finale brings her the love she deserves.

    • Do you think it’s significant that so many of the dati men are idiots, and the only chiloni man – Avri – is normal and responsible?

  7. You gals do an amaziing job with your recaps. So witty. I just saw episode 15 and as feeling the onset of Srugiim withdrawl. Heard there was an Israeli show called something like Pipelim Tzehubim that my Israel friends encourged me to watch now that I have no more Srugim episodes left. Perhaps that can be your next series to recap. Thanks for the clever writing and reviews. Plus a billion srugettes! Job well done.

  8. Re: First references to Arabs on the show.

    There was the time in Season 1 where Yifat and Amir were in the hitnachlut going for a Shabbat stroll and they weren’t sure if some people they saw off on the horizon were “mi shelanu” or “mi shelahem” (it turned out to be two other Jews from the settlement, one with an American accent) and then there was intefada tension as they made a mad dash out of fear of possible mechablim.

    Then in this season, there was the musakhnik who pointedly told Amir that there is an Arabic saying that one must toss one’s bag over the fence, which he took to heart as meaning he should present the principal with an ultimatum re: the postion he wanted. I am not sure if the garage owner/car salesman was meant to be an Arab or a Mizrahi Jew, but he made apoint of saying it was an Arabic saying.

    So the show has acknowledged the existence of Arabs prior to this episode.

  9. Doesn’t anyone recall that back in Season 1 Nati met an old girlfriend and he convinced her to break off her impending engagement for him, and then he backed out after upending her future with her fiance? I hate to be that guy, but he was he was kind of getting some just desserts.

  10. I really admired how Nati was tearing up straw there in the desert, though, in the last scene.

    That’s what I would do.

  11. The end

    Night worker that I am, I’m ending my day by watching the final episode here searchable on YT with this:


  12. Is there really not going to be another season. Ooof!

  13. @YB:

    Just finished watching the final episode 15 on the YT–without too many spoilers, the show ended well, with bright promise for the characters we’ve grown fond of and satisfying emotional conclusion (although there were some anxious nailbiting moments about the fate of my favorite new characters, though, Gido!)

    Yoter tov kakha–unlike the American shows which drag on forever until they lose ratings and get canceled.

  14. is it true there will be no season 4???????

  15. @Lastepi

    Nu, what more do you want? All good things must come to an end. Nothing is forever. If you watched ep 15, you see things get resolved. Srugettes: When are you recapping the final episode?

    I think after the recap, you should decap it.

    • we are working on recapping the final episode in the next few days. what do you mean by decapping it?

      • I don’t know what I meant, I was just being silly and with little sleep, I thought it sounded funny at the time. (Reading what i wrote now, I can see that’s not the case.) Maybe I meant taking away the subtitles?

  16. My predictions are going down – specifically the one about Reut!

  17. A few interesting shows have been mentioned here. If you decided to start recapping one of them, I would certainly give preference to that one. (I started to watch Hayim Aherim, it is certainly interesting…)

  18. Thanks for the second gratuitious Godfather in-joke (this time in the title, after the one from Godfather III about Zohar Strauss in 1-0-0). I never would have linked Luca Brasi to the birth of Amir & Yifat’s kid LOL, especially if you’ve read the Mario Puzo book. He was NOT a nice guy.

  19. For those looking for a good show to fill the void – “Savri maranan” is very funny; full episodes available at

  20. The final episode is sooooo disappointing…:-( I expected an awesome season finale but no…just a regular episode…some issues were rounded off but it could have been much juicier.

    • I thought it was a very sweet ending!

      • I also liked it. The plot was meandering around in Seasons 2 and 3, but Ep. 15 tied loose ends up for most of the characters we’ve come to care for without shoving your face in it and giving a bow-by-blow exposition of what’s going to happen. It left some unanswered questions, though. I was very hoping that they would explain what was so special about Walt and why the Others kidnaped him, even though they filled us in on Jacob’s backstory.

      • Gosh, Mikey, what have you been smoking?

        what was so special about Walt and why the Others kidnaped him, even though they filled us in on Jacob’s backstory.


    • @SarahG,

      Nu, again, I was being silly (and crying out for attention, maybe) but the Srugettes apparently accepted my “Lost” reference (which you’ve missed–and kol ha kavod because boy was that show a waste of time!). Besides “Srugim”, “Lost” was the only serial TV show I’ve followed obsessively without missing a single installment in the past several years, and boy was the series finale a letdown. So many unanswered questions and convoluted storytelling for 6 seasons and meandering plot points that went nowhere, with a promise to answer certain mysteries at the end of the series, and then—NADA! At least Srugim didn’t do anything like that.

      • You’d have to know Lost to get it, but if you do it was a pretty funny reference. I personally thought Ep15 tied up the series pretty well in comparison to many shows–certainly better than V or The Sopranos!

  21. I don’t know how many of you have been in/observed labor, but I found Yifat’s contractions a bit too short to be convincing.

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