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Srugim Season 3, Episode 15: Srugim becomes a (Radio) Star

This is it. The end of an era. As we watched Srugim’s swan song we experienced many emotions. Happiness that it happened. Sadness that it’s over. Shock that Hodaya seems to have done the best of all the characters and anger that no one punched floppy hair stringbean in the face.  Also, what is Maedela? Is it some sort of Charedi gossip rag? Because if so, we need to read it. ASAP.  On to the recap !!

Srugim Season 3 Episode 12: Srugim has an identity crisis

We are up to the final four, final three after this one. And in a SrugimRecap exclusive, Laizy Shapira has confirmed this will be Srugim’s last season. This episode does a good job of beginning to close some character arcs. Amir realizes he is not a ben Torah but a farmhand, Nati discovers Tehilla is not the holy hippie he thought she was and Reut has to deal with an annoying American Oleh.

Srugim what will we do without you? On to the recap!

Srugim Season 3 Episode 10: Srugim Gets Drunk

This week, we saw the thankful end of Reut and Azrarya, Nati being more into Reut than Tehila, and some Amir/Goat snuggling. We wish we were that goat. On to the recap!!

Srugim Season 3 Episodes 8 and 9: The Mega Recap

Hello fellow srugim goers. We apologize for the delay in recapping, as our personal lives became a bit crazy over the past few weeks. But we are back! Deadline has passed for Sarah, Shayna has partied with the Jewish academics, and all is slightly back to normal. So, we decided to do a MEGARECAP with episodes 8 and 9 combined, so we can get right to work on episode 10!

Srugim Season 3 Episode 7: Srugim Takes a Trip to the Dentist

All right. So there has been a lot of hub-bub about this deleted scene from episode 6 : the actual Avri/Hodaya break up. Its unclear why it wasn’t in the show. Perhaps Laizy felt that it was better if we inferred what happened or maybe it was just an editing mistake. OR MAYBE THEY WILL GET BACK TOGETHER. The scene clearly happened before Hodaya called Yifat multiple times on Shabbat- which makes their scene together read much differently than it did before when you thought she was only thinking about calling off the wedding. So take a look– but it’s uber depressing so have some tissues handy.

But on to this week. Man, that was an amazing episode. Funny, sad, and crazy. Reut gets stoned, Nati gets real, and Azarya is kinda cute albeit still insane. And Hodaya. Oh Hodaya, nothing like a good pity party with old wedding dresses and booze! On to the recap!
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Srugim Season 3, Episode 5: Srugim cheats on her taxes

Hello and happy erev Thanksgiving!! This is an epic blog post because for the first time since the VERY FIRST blog post, Sarah and Shayna are in the same room while writing this. Of course, we are still talking to each other on Gchat anyway. This episode we learned that Azarya is really a bum (of course), Yifat is jealous of life, and Avri…just got more perfect! On to the recap….

Srugim 3 Episode 4: Srugim Takes a Nap

Srugim this week was fun with few surprises. We saw the burgeoning Ruet/Nati friendship. Azarya continued being an oblivious ass. Amir continued on his career quest. And we got to make fun of the Sochnut. Nice Laizy cameo! And don’t think that we don’t know Laizy’s parents were on shlichut in America when he was in high school and that’s how is English is so good. #wearealmostasgoodatstalkingasnati is. Anyway, to the recap! Continue reading