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Srugim Season 3 Episode 14: Srugim has a first born masculine child

Well, wow. Shortest Engagement Ever? It seems so. Tehila goes back to Azarya after dumping a weepy Nati, and SRUGIM SPAWN IS BORN while Amir is playing with goats. Of course. But Reut, the only responsible one of the whole show, holds down the fort. Baruch. Hashem. To the penultimate recap!! Continue reading

Srugim Season 3, Episode 6: Srugim goes on a coffee run

This episode made us sad, super sad, sleep all day and forget it’s shabbat sad. Luckily it’s mid-season so we must be on an upward arc. Right? Or will it get worse before it gets better? That said, Laizy we loved the pop culture references in this episode and we like that like us- all your pop culture knowledge comes from the mid-nineties. On the the recap…
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Srugim Season 2 Hits the U.S.

Srugim Season 2 DVDs are out! For all those who have been waiting to watch on their big screen here is you chance!

Also in the past few weeks we have been getting tons of emails from people who are planning season 2 viewings.

Here are a few to check out. Leave more in the comments!!

Brooklyn Israel Film Festival -Thursday January 27 at 8PM

Washington DCJCC -Tuesdays, February 1, 8, 15, 22 at 7:00 PM

Boston Jewish Film Festival– January 26 at 07:30 PM

Srugim Episode 13: Srugim goes to Chul

Srugim is back! Man, that month of our life without Srugim WAS BRUTAL. Wow. Oh Man. With that and the loss of Blair and Chuck, we barely survived.

So what happens in Episode 13? Hodaya dreams a wacky dream, Yifat and Amir mope (but Yifat goes to tel aviv!!), Nati gets famous, and Mazel tov Abba!! Shout out to the email we received with your detailed analysis. You know who you are. On to the recap…. Continue reading